100 Facts About Me
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100 Facts About Me

100 Facts About Me
Holly Page
  1. I’m adopted.
  2. During my first day of life, I almost killed my mother along with myself (you gotta make a grand entrance, right??)
  3. I have 5 siblings, but I haven’t seen 2 of them in over 4 years.
  4. My hair used to be white (ish)
  5. I have eaten dog food.
  6. My nickname is “Noodle”
  7. My eyes change color.
  8. I’ve seen every episode of Full House.. multiple times.
  9. No matter the temperature, I have to sleep with a comforter/blanket.
  10. Winter is my least favorite season.
  11. I’m allergic to cigarette smoke.
  12. I don’t have adenoids. I had them surgically removed whenever I was younger.
  13. One time, I got a bath crayon stuck in my ear.
  14. My favorite Disney movies are: Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid.
  15. My birthday is on the 31st.
  16. I’m the only one out of my siblings who is unlike the rest. Ex.. I’m the only one with brown/green eyes and my name doesn’t rhyme. Nathan, Mason, Preston… HOLLY.
  17. My name was almost Hannah Brooke.
  18. My favorite shampoo scent is coconut.
  19. My favorite body wash (and body mist) scent is “Vanilla Bean Noel”. It only comes out once a year.
  20. I’ve been wearing that same scent for over 4 years, and I cringe whenever I use something else.
  21. I never ever watch horror movies. Too scary.
  22. I cry at movies, books, news, commercials, anything that gets slightly emotional.
  23. I don’t wear makeup.. Not because I have anything against it, I just don’t know how to apply it, and I happen to think I look better without it. ( Maybe that’s because I don’t know how to apply it?)
  24. I REALLY love dogs.
  25. I’ve never been in a car accident.
  26. I’ve never eaten sushi.
  27. I happen to dislike seafood, except for Tilapia.
  28. I had braces for 4 years ( maybe more?).
  29. My favorite colors are: Blue, Green, and Yellow.
  30. I really love to read.
  31. The only state I’ve been to on the western side of the country is Montana.
  32. I’ve been out of the country without my parents.
  33. I’ve been to Kenya, Africa.
  34. And on the way there we had a layover in Switzerland.
  35. I’ve also been to the Dominican Republic.
  36. I really, really want to go to Australia, but they have the world’s biggest spiders.
  37. I’m afraid of spiders.
  38. I’m also afraid of swimming in the ocean. Seriously! I have to psych myself up for it.
  39. Jellyfish live in the ocean, that’s why I’m afraid of swimming in the ocean.
  40. Some say I have a strange taste in music, but I think they’re nuts! My music is awesome.🙂
  41. My favorite kind of chips are Doritos.
  42. My favorite type of food is Mexican.
  43. Recently, pork has made my stomach hurt. So, I don’t eat it.
  44. I take pictures… A LOT of pictures. (But I’m not a photographer)
  45. But I will be! I’m getting a camera soon. (Whoop! Whoop!)
  46. I want to adopt.
  47. But that’s only if I get married.
  48. I’m afraid that’ll never happen, but I’m praying it does.
  49. People make me extremely nervous.
  50. I think it’s because I want people to like me, and I’m afraid they don’t.
  51. I worry whether or not they’re genuine with me, or if they’re just fake nice to me.
  52. I have to rehearse my meal or drink order multiple times in my head before I actually order.. Because I’m afraid of messing up.
  53. (If there is anyone still reading.. CONGRATULATIONS FOR MAKING IT THIS FAR!)
  54. I once had to sing an entire song in Italian for a recital.. I still know it.
  55. My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper.
  56. I don’t know how to skate.
  57. Because whenever I was younger, my dad thought it would be a good idea to teach me how to rollerblade first. The way he taught me this was by making me go down this humongous hill multiple times. I hated it, and so I gave up and never learned how to do either.
  58. I’m a hopeless romantic.
  59. I was the fastest girl in the fourth grade. (My last year of public school)
  60. My cousin looks more like my mother than I do.
  61. I look like my dad. My grandparents said I looked like my fathers head had been shrunken and placed on a baby’s body.
  62. I laugh a lot, because I find things that aren’t funny hilarious.
  63. Me and my siblings, Hunter and Kateland, look almost exactly the same.
  64. At least we used to. Apparently as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to look more like my mom.
  65. I’ve been to a One Direction concert.
  66. I almost went to a Hannah Montana concert when I was younger.
  67. I get nervous every time I’m about to see one of my friends,( unless it’s my best friend, Jessie)
  68. When I was younger, I got one ear pierced.. But as soon as they did it I ran out of the store and down to the other side of the mall.
  69. So I didn’t get both ears pierced until last year, because I’m a wimp.
  70. A young mom asked if her daughter could watch me have them done, so that she would have the courage to follow through with getting hers pierced. Little did that mom know that my heart was beating out of my chest, and that I was every bit as afraid as her daughter.
  71. I’ve only slow danced with one boy in my entire life, but it was at two separate dances and in different years. (I don’t even know the boy that well)
  72. I won a state tournament in softball whenever I was 11.
  73. I can’t do a cartwheel.. I simply don’t trust myself enough.
  74. I hate whenever there is pulp in orange juice.
  75. Cranberry juice makes me sick.
  76. I’m a full time Jesus lover.
  77. I love to sing, though I’m not very gifted.
  78. I have a cat, his name is Elliot. (I named him after the shoe store, because we couldn’t figure out a name and we just so happened to pass it)
  79. I really love Pinterest.
  80. I adore candles, especially ones that smell like Vanilla.
  81. I say “sorry” a lot.
  82. Apparently I’m too insecure as well.
  83. I’m really good at burping (TMI?)
  84. I can constantly pop my knuckles and ankle just by flexing them.
  85. I want to live on a farm.
  86. It seems like most girls want a huge engagement ring, but I’m pretty simple and would rather have something small.
  87. I hate running while I’m doing it, but I absolutely love the feeling I have after I can breathe again.
  88. Sometimes people who don’t know me think I’m mean because I don’t talk that much.
  89. It’s usually because in public situations I’d rather listen, because I’m usually talked over anyways.
  90. That really stresses me out, being talked over. It makes me feel like no one cares what I have to say.
  91. I feel bad whenever people pass me while I’m driving, because I’m afraid that they’re frustrated with how I drive.
  92. I really struggle with knowing whether I should gas it or stop at yellow lights.
  93. I love bonfires.
  94. Fall and Summer are my favorite seasons.
  95. I love tea & coffee.
  96. Fuzzy blankets and socks are quite nice too.
  97. I love sunny days (and rainy ones)
  98. I want to impact people’s lives. (Inspire, encourage, love)
  99. I really love orange dreamsicles and cookie dough ice cream.
  100. I was born without canine teeth.

WOW! You made it through the entire list! CONGRATULATIONS! You now know 100 useless facts about Holly Page!

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