100 Thoughts We All Had While Watching The Most Dramatic Season Premiere Of The Bachelor
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100 Thoughts We All Had While Watching The Most Dramatic Season Premiere Of The Bachelor

We were all thinking it!

100 Thoughts We All Had While Watching The Most Dramatic Season Premiere Of The Bachelor
The Bachelor

100 thoughts we all had while watching the MOST DRAMATIC season premiere of the Bachelor. We were all thinking the same thing as we got to finally watched Nick meet the women that would soon we fighting for his heart. Bachelor Nation has patiently waited for this moment and now we can't stop thinking about it...

1. Nick is definitely nervous

2. We said wow to nick

3. His smile (ugh so cute)

4. That accent and laugh

5. Loved the dress

6. Red dress number 1

7.* Insert banana emoji here*

8. Red dress number 2

9. My friends said you’re a “complete piece of ****” (mine to girl, mine too)

10. Red dress number 3

11. Yes, very disgusting last names (someone help them)

12. Lemons and lemonade, we get it

13. Ida Marie, love the dress

14. Good catch Nick!

15. An Eskimo kiss.. burr

16. Wait did she give him a fur coat?

17. Is she athletic or late?

18. Oh wait, pick up line on point

19. Neil? The ring guy? Too soon girl

20. Red dress number 4

21. Do you know what a girl wearing underwear says?

22. I don’t… (cricket cricket)

23. Neither do I… (So is she implying she commando or?)

24. Wait, what did she just say? Sex what?

25. She wants another piece of Nick!

26. He does not look happy!

27. He knows exactly who you are…

28. When Chris Harrison is back.. you know it’s getting real

29. Only half the women, damn his hands are gonna be full

30. Red dress number 5

31. Did anyone just hear the gates of heaven open up?

32. A hug token? Corny but cute

33. French hugs, maybe a kiss later?

34. Red dress number 6

35. Maple syrup that is veryyy sweet

36. I was thinking the same thing Nick… (wash your hands ladies)


38. What the heck? Is that a mating call?

39. Don’t worry his hands are deff sweaty too!

40. You have some balls?

41. Surprise so does she, hanging from her nose!

42. Listen to your heart Nick, she could be the one

43. Red dress number 7

44. Bread massage.. that’s new

45. Red dress number 8

46. Another nurse...

47. Wait did she just call him a wiener and then ask him to “lady and the tramp it”?

48. WERID!

49. Red dress number 9

50. Another nurse...

51. A rectal exam.. um no no no!

52. Red dress number 10

53. Red dress number 11

54. Nick is going to drown in the Red Sea..

55. Red dress number 12 and A CAMEL!

56. “I hear you like a good hump and so do I “ (umm..)

57. Where do you rent a camel from?

58. Left sharks makes a guest appearance at the bachelor mansion, talk about the most dramatic season yet

59. I mean at least its not another red dress

60. “I dolphinately can’t wait to talk to you more inside” (girl that’s a shark costume)

61. That is not a dolphin.. it’s a shark

62. Please do not ever make that sound EVER again

63.“ I was going to wear a red dress too, good thing I didint”- Dolphin/ Shark

64. We all wanna touch his hair

65. Those are some wise words Nick!

66. *mumble mumble mumble* “Im killin' it”

67. Nicks got the moves!

68. Chris Harrison might as well have just placed an elephant in the room

69. Whose gonna get the first impression rose?

70. “My heart is in my ass right now!”

71. I want it. I want it. I want it.

72. That’s a big bag of tokens…

73. And so the stealing begins

74. Corrine seems like she is gonna be a little issue

75. Kissing. I repeat kissing!

76. The claws are coming out!

77. Nick, Nick, Nick, Nickeloden (I said the same thing)

78. The clock is ticking ladies...

79. Good catch shark girl!

80. Now she’s dancing

81. Now she in the pool, oh god!

82. Okay we get it, you love dolphins but you’re in a shark costume..

83. He does remember you!

84. Anyone else feeling uncomfortable for nick in this conversation?

85. At least the lady in red saved him

86. He picked up the rose….

87. Rachel? I am shocked! Anyone else? (but she’s in red soo..)

88. Not only a rose but some kisses too!

89. The first rose ceremony cue the dramatic music

90. Ugh I hate these things

91. Stop complaining!

92. We know this is the final rose Chris!

93. Hold your breath everyone..

94. Good byes are always painful

95. Yayy sneak peeks!

96. Wow. Oh wow that slap has gotta hurt

97. Corrine is not holding back..

98.I knew I didn’t like her

99. Wait its over?

100. I want more! Now!

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