100 MORE Things That Make Me Happy
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100 MORE Things That Make Me Happy

Don't let the silly little things steal your happiness.

100 MORE Things That Make Me Happy
Linda Rasmussen

Here's 100 MORE things that make me happy to add to my list.

101. New Sperry's

102. Weddings

103. Volunteering

104. Halloween

105. When my Papou comes to my dreams

106. Going home for a long weekend

107. Poptarts

108. Online shopping

109. Birkenstocks

110. My neighbors

111. Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill

112. Amstel Radler

113. "Riverdale"

114. Urban Outfitters

115. Kastoria, Greece

116. "Anastasia"

117. The Bruins

118. Flower Bouquets

119. Chocolate Croissants

120 James Dean

121. Texts from my dad

122. Buffets

123. When class gets cancelled

124. Chandler Bing

125. Church

126. Sunshine

127. Painting

128. Target

129. Christmas music

130. Teresa Giudice

131. Sarah Dessen books

132. Tan lines

133. Facetiming friends

134. Sephora

135. Photo booths

136. Central Park

137. After class naps

138. Sunday morning breakfast

139. Old One Direction songs

140. Frappes

141. Sending a tweet

142. Writing an article for Odyssey

143. "Milk and Honey" by Rupi Kaur

144. Wreck This Journals

145. Old family movies

146. Care packages

147. Carving a pumpkin

148. Going to work

149. Disney Channel Original Movies

150. Leighton Meester

151. Pay day

152. Making a perfect class schedule

153. Arriving at Penn Station

154. Selling something on Poshmark

155. "The Office"156. Microwaveable mac and cheese

157. Waking up on Christmas morning

158. Blowing out birthday candles

159. Straightening my hair

160. Everything sold at Francesca's

161. Taking a good picture

162. Wall tapestries

163. Old TV reruns

164. Boutiques

165. A fully charged phone

166. Decorating my laptop with stickers

167. Herbal Tea

168. Pumpkin spice lattes

169. The beach

170. Short stories

171. Greek dancing

172. Traveling

173. Sleeping in

174. New jewelry

175. Warm Uggs

176. Vintage cars

177. Bath and Body Works lotion

178. A perfectly made bed

179. Christenings

180. Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins

181. Finishing laundry

182. Taking makeup off

183. Reading articles on The Odyssey

184. Antique shops

185. Shopping with my mom

186. When finals are over

187. Cartoons

188. Dressing up

189. Finishing a good book

190. Laughing until I can't breathe

191. Venting

192. A full tank of gas

193. Cute decor

194. GNO

195. Moccassins

196. Group messages

197. When the weather cooperates

198. Chicken nuggets

199. Achieving a goal

200. Loving myself

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