A List Of 100 Little Things That Make Me Happy
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100 Little Things That Make Me Happy

Dogs, always dogs.

I realized something about myself...With or without school, I'm still stressed. If I'm not stressed about school work, I'm stressed about actual work. I can never win.

But that's just the thing… I am winning. Every single day that I wake up breathing and healthy. And I, along with many others, take that for granted sometimes.

That being said, I am still human. So, when I'm having a not-so-great day, I like to think about the little things that make me happy.

Hopefully some of these things, if not all, also apply to you, too!

1. Hand holding while driving (or hand holding in general)

2. Fresh, hot pepperoni pizza

3. Coca-Cola


4. Messages from old friends or friends in general

5. Shopping

6. Dogs


7. Cats (kittens specifically)

8. Finding good parking

9. Seeing my boyfriend's name pop up on my phone


10. Old pictures that remind you of awesome memories

11. Hot bubble baths

12. Post-shower feels


13. Drake songs

14. Wearing my boyfriend's hoodies (or clothes in general tbh)

15. Reading scary stories


16. Listening to entertaining storytimes on YouTube

17. Paranormal podcasts

18. Scary movies


19. Dainty necklaces

20. Layering rings

21. The matching necklace my boyfriend and I have


22. Charm bracelets

23. Animated films

24. Swimming


25. Riding on the back of a motorcycle

26. Rollercoasters

27. Being praised or recognized at work


28. Getting complimented (no matter how big or small)

29. Getting a good score on a test you thought you'd fail

30. Canceled classes


31. Sleeping in

32. Canceled shifts (lowkey bittersweet)

33. The beach


34. Seeing my parents happy

35. Beach or forest scents

36. Memes


37. Clear skin

38. Good sleep

39. Waking up to food


40. Napping after eating food

41. Losing weight and finally being able to fit into something you couldn't fit in before

42. Saving money


43. A clean, organized room

44. Notes or love letters

45. "Be safe" messages


46. Taking a good Snapchat selfie

47. Taking a good selfie in general

48. Getting a lot of likes on a selfie


49. Good poops

50. Peeing after holding it in for so long

51. Cuddling


52. Warm, fuzzy blankets

53. Spontaneous road trips

54. Deep, late night talks


55. Sharing secrets/gossiping

56. Girls night (or day)

57. Getting roses


58. Being told "I love you"

59. Saying "I love you"

60. "Did you make it home okay?" texts or phone calls


61. Getting a pedicure

62. Massages

63. Face masks


64. Getting rid of blackheads with pore strips

65. Going to the a recliner seat movie theater

66. Kettle corn


67. Inexpensive dates

68. Staying in instead of going out on a Friday night

69. Getting the whole bed to myself


70. Finishing a book

71. Achieving goals

72. Helping others


73. Donating to charity

74. Good makeup days

75. Good hair days


76. Good outfit days

77. Good days

78. Music


79. Raves

80. Festival attire

81. Watching YouTube videos


82. Stalking pretty girls on Instagram and Twitter (sorry not sorry)

83. Throwbacks of any sort

84. Scratching an itch I couldn't scratch


85. Playing dress up either online, in person, or with dolls

86. Watching cartoons early in the morning

87. Online shopping


88. Binge-watching TV shows and movies on Netflix

89. Pretty, long eyelashes

90. Freshly shaved legs


91. Freshly cleaned sheets

92. Bunnies

93. Eating healthy, tasty food


94. Hugs

95. My childhood

96. Having my hair played with


97. Dutch braids

98. Winged eyeliner

99. Fried chicken


100. My boyfriend

OK, so the last one isn't a "little thing," but I wanted to end strong.

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