10 Ways To Take "Netflix And Chill" To The Next Level
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10 Ways To Take "Netflix And Chill" To The Next Level

Make your stream-a-thon night the best one yet!

10 Ways To Take "Netflix And Chill" To The Next Level
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"Netflix and Chill" has come to be carry a negative connotation among single millennials. It seems that 20-something women everywhere engage in a collective eye roll every time some creeper texts us and offers up a cliched, non-creative prelude to a night of unwanted advances under the guise of watching TV through our favorite streaming device. Well, fear not my fellow stream-aholics. I've offered some ways to have a corrective experience with people you actually like!

1. Have a stream and theme party for your favorite original series to celebrate its premiere

Add a playful element to break up your mundane Netflix routine. Invite some friends over, dress as your favorite character, make a signature cocktail and binge-watch 'till your heart's content! There's no reason that this can't be a social activity!

2. Revert back to childhood with a blanket fort

Want to add some cozy nostalgia to your stream-a-thon? Make the ultimate blanket fort and get your snuggle on! To make it more luxe, add some twinkle lights (pictured above), make some hot chocolate and some stove-top s'mores! Ahhhh!

3. Invest in a pocket projector and watch outside

Let's face it, Netflix has made it very easy to become a shut-in. Mix it up a bit by watching "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" in the great outdoors!

4. Elevate your snackage

I for one believe that good quality food adds a touch of class to any event. To change it up, take a break from greasy chips and pre-packaged food and try a more elegant wine and cheese pairing, or if you're feeling really fancy, a charcuterie or fondue. This is guaranteed to make you feel at least five times more adult!

5. Play a drinking game with friends

If you're of age, get some friends together and be prepared to laugh at the hilarity that ensues when you're watching your favorite series tipsy. There are a lot of great printable drinking games available for free on the internet (like the one above).

6. Light some candles

When the weather starts to cool, nothing is better than a yummy smelling candle. The Netflix experience can only be enhanced by a really great scent enveloping your nostrils.

7. Netflix and brunch

You do not need to go out to enjoy America's favorite meal! At home brunch is a great (and easy) way to get together with friends with a built in activity. There's no reason you can't watch "House of Cards" on a mid-Sunday with eggs Benedict and mimosas!

8. Camp out in the yard (if you have one)

Even if you don't like camping, you won't be far from home. There's just something about enjoying a movie or TV show under the stars (and knowing that if you need to pee the toilet is literally 10 feet away in your house).

9. Dive-in movie night (if you have a pool)

Pretty self-explanatory. Now you have another use for that inflatable pool swan you insisted was a good idea!

10. When life hands you dough, make pizza

Instead of ordering Dominos, make your own pizza! Not only does this technique save money, it's also great fun to have a built in activity to go along with your viewing. So, stop by your nearest Trader Joes, buy some pre-made dough, all the toppings your heart can desire and have a pizza party!

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