Midterms week is a hectic time. You see all sorts of people on campus during this week of chaos. Here are 10 types of those people:

1. The one who lives in the library.

This person will actually relocate to the library for the entire week. Don’t be surprised if you see a tent set up on the 8th floor because this person would not waste valuable study time traveling back and forth to their dorm.

2. The one who doesn’t give a sh*t.

Libraries? Nah. This person either just doesn’t stress, or doesn’t care. They’ve accepted their fate, come what may.

3. The one who eats their feelings.

This person is in full panic mode and cannot deal with the realities of midterms, so instead you can find them socializing over Moe’s and drowning their woes in queso.

4. The one who tries to learn a semester of info in a week.

This person assumes that going to the review session offered will magically explain the curriculum that they have dismissed all semester. This person goes all out in one last ditch effort to figure out the class they’re taking.

5. The one who pulls an A out of thin air.

This person procrastinates on a regular basis but when midterms come along they somehow get everything done. There is no stress, no fuss, and yet they find their way to an A. These people drive their friends nuts, but you have to be at least a little impressed, right?

6. The one who doesn’t sleep.

This person is recognizable by the bags under their eyes, their catatonic state and generally lack of speaking. This person will forgo sleep the week of midterms learning every ounce of info they can. Better hope your alarm works the morning of the test, or you’ll regret the lack of z’s!

7. The one with an invisible caffeine drip.

This person is all energy all the time, and the only explanation is they have coffee in their blood. Every time you see them, they’re in line at Starbucks getting a venti-something with extra shots of espresso.

8. The one who competes during midterms.

“You have a test and a paper? Well I have 6 tests, and 3 papers, HA!” This person seems to thrive on having more work than everyone else. Not sure why that’s something you’re excited about, but best of luck to you!

9. The one who disappears.

Was that person even here for midterms? Were they hibernating? Did they go on vacation and say screw midterms? No one knows.

10. The one who stays cheerful the whole week.

This person is few and far between, so if you find one, keep them close. You’ll need all the positive vibes you can get!