An Affordable Wedding
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10 Simple Tricks to an affordable Wedding

You can have a wedding that doesn't break the bank and is elegant and chic.

Levi Alvarez

This October, I get to marry the love of my life. We have been engaged for over a year now and while so we have been trying to plan our wedding. First, we looked at venues all around where we live. All of the venues were going to be at least a thousand dollars, if not more. When we work low-income jobs, are trying to go to school, pay our bills and save for our own place, paying for an expensive wedding is not realistically doable. During this past year, I have learned a few tips and tricks about how to keep your wedding low-cost and budget friendly.

1. Have a backyard wedding.

Actual wedding venues want to charge you an arm and a leg just for the venue rental! Most of them do not include tables, chairs, decorations or table cloths. Why pay an absurd amount of money on a venue alone when you can make a friend or relatives backyard look just as amazing?

2. Pick the right time slot.

If you can’t find an affordable venue, at least pick an affordable time slot. Many places charge almost an extra thousand dollars to have a night time wedding. Brunch weddings are a thing. They are also the most up and coming thing.

3. Make connections

A wedding is not completed just by having a venue. There are many more factors. There’s the photographer, DJ, caterer and of course, flowers. All of these can add up! DJs can range from 500 to over a 1000 dollars! Flowers — don’t even get me started. Use your connections! Maybe you have an old friend who has dabbled in DJing, use them. Or a friend who takes some amazing pictures! Use them too. Don’t be afraid to ask them, friends are there to help. More than likely they’ll understand the financial pressure and cut you a deal.​

4. Food is exspenive, have grandma help you!

If you thought a buffet would be cheaper than doing a plated dinner, thank again. No matter what type of dinner or brunch you serve, all catering companies charge by the head. For example, our guest list is 100 people. Catering would stil be at least a thousand dollars. But, there are a ton of ways to prevent that cost. A current popular trend is hosting a potluck wedding!

5. Online shopping can get you far.

Decorations are one of the biggest parts of to any wedding. But, it can add up really fast when shopping for decor. Facebook Marketplace, Letgo and Offer Up are just a few of the many online sites I’ve investigated when looking for wedding signs and decor. The prices are low and super adorable.

6. Renting a tux is the best bet.

A men’s suit can be just as expensive as a wedding dress. Luckily, men are lucky and can rent one instead of purchasing it. Men’s Warehouse always has a plethora of options to choose from for affordable prices.

7. Mom and Pop ring shops are the best.

Wedding bands are expensive too! Kay Jewelers and other big name jewelry stores have rings for over a thousand dollars. Luckily, my engagement ring and wedding band are a fairly heirloom so my fiancé lucked out there. But, that leaves me having to buy a ring for him. A local ring store in my hometown that is family owner has gorgeous rings that are super affordable. Always shop local.

8. A church ceremony.

A church ceremony is not only a classic wedding but it is also beautiful and affordable. Instead of having your ceremony and reception in the same place, ask your local church. If you’re a member, they more than likely will allow you to host for no charge. If you’re not, then there will be a small charge but it’s a whole lot less expensive than a wedding venue.

9. A cake adds up.

Cakes are crazy expensive. Luckily, a relative of mine offered to make one for me! If that isn’t an option for you, you and your fiancé can always make one together yourselves. It may seem ludacris to others, but it’ll be fun and it’ll be unique.

10. Make a budget and don’t stress.

The biggest tip is to not stress. Your wedding will happen and it will be beautiful. Stress will only make it work. Make a budget and stick to it. Everything will work out in the end.

Weddings are expensive and stressful. But, in the end, your love for your significant other is all that matters and your wedding guests will only be focused on that

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