The saying is true “you never know what you got till its gone.” I realized that when I was walking across the stage for graduation and I was slapped in the face with Adulting. Trust me when I say it’s not as great as its cut out to be.

1. The Dining Hall

Oh, the joys of just being able to swipe your card and eating till you can't eat anymore. Now you don’t have the money you’re too lazy to cook and you can’t find the time.

2. Your Friends

I would give anything to see them 24/7 again and sit and talk about the latest gossip around campus. Now it seems like it kills them just to say “Hey.”

3. The Student Activities

Enjoy those free student activities that you had the option of participating in during the week and weekend. Now you can’t expect to pay less than 20 dollars for a movie.

4. Spring Break

Let’s change that to all the breaks. Now you’re lucky to get a day off if that.

5. Exams

I never thought I would miss the exams and the stress it brought along with it. Now it’s being stressed about real actual conflicts.

6. Pretending to be an Adult

Being in college means that you want to be treated like an adult. When its actual time you don’t have any excuses you have to face the hard truth.

7. Being an Athlete

You soon will miss the practices every day, long bus rides and every game win or lose. It’s the life lessons the game taught us that the real world can’t teach us.

8. Naps

Let’s be real for a second. The highlight of my day being able to cuddle up in bed and hide away from my problems.

9. Wal-Mart Trips

People can relate if you go to a school in a small town. Let me tell you, you will be all set if they at least have a Walmart. The random trips where you leave without getting what you came there for. The games you play and the running around you can do without getting in trouble.

10. The Title "College Kid"

Yes being a college athlete comes with the stress and let’s not forget the meltdowns we have every 20 minutes. At the end, I miss everything college has given me and I feel bad for taken it for granted. Not many kids have the privilege of going to college and experiencing it. So next time you have a midlife crisis just know everything will be okay.