10 Songs for Hardcore Studying
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10 Songs for Hardcore Studying

The songs that will help you get into that finals study grind.

10 Songs for Hardcore Studying

I feel that I've made enough "10 Songs for..." to be able to call it a series. This week, I wanted to focus on songs that will help you study AND relax. So whether you be in the middle of finals or recovering (shout-out to my Dartmouth fam) these songs are the ones for you:

1. This Will Destroy You by: They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light

2. Intro by The XX

3. Falling by Enkidu (Lambert Rework)

4. Souls by TroyBoi

5. Oculus by: Luke Howard

6. Holding On to Everything by: MaLuca

7. Eyes Wide Open by Tony Anderson

8. Wunder by Oskar Shuster

9. Matilda by Oskar Shuster

10. Seasons by Aso

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