10 Reasons Why One Direction Will Always Be The Greatest
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10 Reasons Why One Direction Will Always Be The Greatest

We don't need you Zayn!

10 Reasons Why One Direction Will Always Be The Greatest

I'll admit it, I'm ridiculously obsessed with One Direction . Like screaming preteen girl obsessed. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is; the talent, the insanely good looks, the silly personalities, I could go on and on. I can also admit that when Zayn decided to leave the band (for his own selfish reasons) in April, I shamelessly cried in a cubby at the library. Not only was I sad, but I was also annoyed by all the nonbelievers who tried to convince me that the days of 1D's reign were coming to an end. Although I knew they would never desert me, I still had my doubts.

The boy band sensation is still going strong and celebrated five years together this year (even though they lost Zayn...my love). PLUS this last week they released an unpublicized single titled "Drag Me Down" that reached #1 in 82 countries in a matter of hours and had me like:

With that, here are 10 reasons that, no matter what, One Direction will always be the greatest.

1. They're hot

Not even gonna try to sugar coat it, they are all good looking lads.

2. Their voices

Here is a 14 minute YouTube video (that I totally haven't watched 3 times) to prove it! If you say One Direction isn't talented than you're simply an idiot.

3. They love Wisconsin teams

And not just the Packers....

BUT ALSO the Badgers. It doesn't get much better.

4. They can dance

Who doesn't love a guy who can shake what his mama gave him???

It's a good thing you left Zayn....

5. They love being goofy

Which most of the time involves dancing. GOSH do I love a boy(s) with humor.

6. They're good with kids.

Pictured with their hairdresser Lou Teasdale's daughter Lux. We have no doubt Louis is going to be an awesome dad.

7. Their interviews are hilarious.

Yup, I've watched a lot of One Direction interviews in my day, and not one of them are boring.

My personal favorite:

8. Harry Styles

The hair, the smile , the eyes, THE VOICE. I might be biased, but I'm pretty sure Harry Styles might be the most perfect human being on the planet, which in turn makes One Direction the most perfect boy band on the planet.

9. They give back

One Direction has supported multiple charitable organizations including Comic Relief and the Global Poverty Project, focusing mainly on world hunger and poverty. Most recently, they launched the Action/1D campaign, which aims to set the agenda for issues such as poverty, climate change and inequality.

Good luck

10. No matter what happens, they never give up on their fans.

Losing Zayn was traumatic for fans across the world, but it must have been even harder for the boys to lose not only their band member, but also one of their best friends. It would have been easy for them to call it quits after their most recent tour and go their own way. However, the remaining members stayed true to their fans, reassuring them that this wasn't the end of the 1D reign.

Thank you Louis, we trust you.

Love you Niall.

One Direction proved not to be like other boy bands. In five years, they have become a worldwide sensation, claiming the hearts of fans (mainly girls) of all ages, myself included. You can tell me they're doomed without Zayn all you want, but in my mind, One Direction will always be the greatest.

Check out their latest single, Drag Me Down


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