10 Reasons To Love Seventeen
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10 Reasons To Love Seventeen

I can't believe there was a time before Seventeen was a part of my playlist.

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Once again, my friend Aimee has advanced her life's mission: getting me invested in another K-pop group. This time, the group is called Seventeen. And, as always, I can't believe there was a time before Seventeen was a part of my playlist.

So today, I'm gonna give you reasons to listen to and fall in love with Seventeen. Maybe if you're lucky, you too will fall into a life ruined/infinitely improved by a K-pop obsession.

1. There Are 13 Wonderful Members To Adore

At first, this sounds really intimidating. When you start watching music videos and comeback stages with all 13 members, it's kind of sensory overload, but I promise it gets easier, and every member is incredibly hardworking and talented and well worth your efforts to learn their names.

If you're the type of fan who loves getting to know the members of the group, Seventeen is perfect for you because they're completely unpredictable. And if you're just here for the music, the 13 individual voices ensure that every song is a unique bop, and you'll probably have a new favorite line every time you listen.

2. There Is A Song For Everyone, Regardless Of Your Taste

Seventeen has 3 sub-units: Performance, Vocal, and Hip-hop. Each group has their own sounds and concepts. Also, if you're just getting into Seventeen, it's a little easier to start by watching sub-unit performances, since there aren't as many members in any one sub-unit.

If you learn to recognize the members' voices and faces from sub-unit performances, it becomes much easier during full group songs.

3. They Are Amazing Dancers

Literally, every member has an amazing stage presence. Even my mom is low-key obsessed with the choreography for "Very Nice" and honestly, who can blame her? Mistakes in choreography are rare, but I have noticed that in the unlikely event that somebody does slip up, the other members are quick to cover it up, and I stand that kind of loyalty.

4. They Choreograph Their Own Routines

Seventeen is widely known as a self-producing band because in addition to writing their own songs, much of their choreography is created by the member Hoshi. Also as the leader of the Performance Unit, Hoshi's work is undeniably creative and praiseworthy, and it serves to highlight his talents as well as his fellow members' talents.

5. They Write Their Own Songs

Woozi, who also works as a producer and leads the Vocal Unit, writes Seventeen's songs. Woozi is recognized for his tireless work ethic and his commitment to making sure the members of Seventeen always sound their best.

6. Every Member is A Visual King

I mean, I've never seen an idol anything short of absolutely beautiful, but I'm just stunned by how all 13 members of Seventeen are always styled in looks that are somehow unique to the member and conducive to the group's overall concept. Even when they are dressed in the same outfit, the members wear it and carry themselves distinctly, which makes for a stunning visual performance.

7. They Are So Sweet

Seventeen is so supportive of one another, and they are openly fans of other groups. The interactions between Seventeen and BTS, for example, are incredibly wholesome. They always seem to be the first congratulating others on their accomplishments. These boys honestly deserve all the love in the world.

8. They are hilarious

Whether they're being silly with one another, or they're just reacting to the world around them, Seventeen has a tendency to have over-the-top, undoubtedly humorous reactions to everything. Don't worry too much about the fearless leader S.Coups in this gif; aside from some embarrassment, he came away from this close call with fireworks unscathed.

9. No Two Concepts Are Alike


Seventeen has the remarkable ability to try and succeed with many different concepts. So far I've seen them try really fluffy, cute concepts, and some more masculine and mature concepts and they are always entertaining.

10. They Are Dedicated To Their Fans

In their humility, Seventeen believes that they would be nowhere without their fans, who they affectionately call Carats. The bond between K-pop groups and their fandom is always special and actually implies a lot about the group. The bond between Carats and Seventeen portrays the group as hardworking, talented, humble, and kind boys.

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