10 Gag Worthy Moments On RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2
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10 Gag Worthy Moments On RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2


10 Gag Worthy Moments On RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2

Okay, spoiler alerts ahead, but let’s talk about Drag Race. This season had us gagging. Over and over and over again. Here are 10 times we lost our minds over All Stars 2.

The Eliminations

Holy crap. When RuPaul revealed the “biggest” twist this season in the first episode, it was clear that this season was going to be absolutely insane. The girls had to eliminate their competitors and make the tough decision to send their sisters home. Damn. That’s intense.

Adore Delano

Literally what?! Adore just up and quit! You cannot tell me that you weren’t shocked. I get it and I respect that she loves her aesthetic but come on, if she had stayed and slayed and proved that her aesthetic was new and unique, she would’ve been in the finals. But, to each their own.


We all saw it coming. From the moment that the cast was announced, we knew that Rolaskatox would be put back together again. Now, points to Alaska for *trying* to not give in to the team dynamic that we all dreaded would rear its ugly head. But at the end of the day Rolaskatox snaked its way into the finals…whoo…so surprised.

Phi Phi O'Hara

Girl, bye. At the end of the day it is a TELEVISION COMPETITION and she was a previous villain. Not everyone gets a redemption story, and this year they chose Roxxxy Andrews for redemption. Sorry 'bout it. Now, I do feel sorry that the twitterverse came for her in such nasty horrible ways, but she can’t be mad that she said what she said. She doesn’t deserve such awful hate…but c’mon, she’s a villain always and forever.

Roxxxy Andrews

How appropriate that this is number five. Kind of like the FIVE TIMES SHE WAS IN THE BOTTOM AND SHOULD’VE GONE HOME! I mean… what? But seriously, Roxxxy is nice and all but what the hell? She should have gone home after the second time she was in the bottom. Roxxxy never ever should have been in the top four, just ask Alyssa Edwards.

Alyssa Edwards, Tatianna, and Katya

In case you weren’t tuned into the world of Gay Twitter, let’s clue you in. #JusticeForAlyssa, #JusticeForTatianna, and #TeamKatya have been all over the twitterverse. They are hands down the break out stars of this season. Alyssa is a character that is completely unforgettable, but she’s kind, talented and absolutely hilarious. Tatianna was basically unknown to the mainstream crowd of Drag Race other than her wonderful Snatch Game win as Britney in Season 2. This was her season to come in and show her growth since her season, and she damn well did and definitely deserved to have been saved over ROXXXY FREAKING ANDREWS. *rolls eyes* Um, anywho, Katya. Katya is perfect. Katya has been such a breakout since her season and she has been at the top of her game during all stars.

The Eliminated Queens' Return

Facecrack of the century. That was a priceless moment in Drag Race Herstory.

Alaska's Tantrum

Literally what?

Alaska's Bribe

L I T E R A L L Y W H A T?!?!?!?! Alaska offered, successfully, Detox a total of $10,000 of the lipsync money she won. A huge and controversial move that still has Drag Race fans boggled. The money, however was donated to charity and that is a wonderful thing.

Alaska's Win

Whoops... wrong image...

Okay, as soon as they announced that Alaska was on this season, she was the clear winner. The crown was sized for her. Period end of story. I love Alaska and she is totally deserving of a crown, but I will always be #TeamKatya.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is a wonderful show full of drama and bafoonery (as Alyssa would say). It is a must watch for anyone and everyone. Be sure to catch Season 9 in February for a new set of queens vying for the title of Next Drag Superstar.

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