10 Examples Of The Actual WOAT
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Student Life

10 Examples Of The Actual WOAT

Read and try not to cringe.

10 Examples Of The Actual WOAT
tommy stevens

Have you ever heard someone allude to something as being the WOAT? It's the Worst Of All Time, to translate directly . They're trying to tell you that the degree of awfulness of that something is at an all time high. Specifically, that something is the worst. They're utilizing an acronym to express their discontent about the infinitely irksome nature of that something.

I think plenty of things in this world could be identified as the WOAT. Some obvious examples could include things like mean people, war, hunger, ignorance, etc.

Those are all pretty broad examples, though. (Macro-WOAT? I don't know.)

I think the specific examples are the ones that really get the internal screaming going. (Micro-WOAT?)

These are the ones I think we can all relate to on a more personal level. It's the little things that matter most, right? AKA, the little things that constitute as the WOAT, which we can all personally experience on a somewhat daily basis are in fact that actual legitimate WOAT.

I've compiled a list of just a few examples of things that are the actual Worst Of All Time that I've experienced within the past couple of weeks. Read them and try not to cringe. If you don't cringe, please let me know. I wish to meet those stronger than I am. Maybe I could learn something from you about endurance in the face of WOAT.

1. Having a text conversation with someone, and see them type something, but suddenly they just stop and never say anything.

"Did you die? Did you forget what you wanted to say? I know there was something you wanted to say. Did you decide it wasn't worth thinking out before typing? Or was it something you know I don't want to hear? You have got something to say? SAY IT TO MY SCREEN, YOU COWARD."

2. Trying to unlock your car so passengers can get in, but they keep trying to open the doors before they hear the clicky noise.

"If you think you're going to obtain aux chord privileges in my vehicle with that kind of patience you are INCORRECT, my friend. Now release the door handle this instant and wait until you hear the beep beep."

3. When your food's really hot, but you're so hungry you just can't help but try and bite it anyway. You then burn your tongue so you can't taste your food as well as you know you could have if you had the ability to control yourself.

"I did this to myself. This is karma. I chose to trade enjoyment for immediate gratification. I shall do penance and try to do better next time when my taste buds recover."

4. Thinking back to the moment you learned that Genovia is not a real country and not knowing what to do with the fictional national anthem that's stuck in your head.

*sings internally*
"Genooooovia.. GenOOOOOOOVIAAAA.... forEEEEEVER will your banner REIGNNNNN"

5. Reaching into a bag of gummies and finding zero gummies.

"My mind tells me it's going to be okay, but my heart..."

6. Really having to sneeze, and just as you're about to release it, something distracts you, and then you can't get the sneeze out.

"I'm fine. This is fine. It wasn't going to be that satisfying anyway. I'm not thinking about what could have been. My nasal cavities are doing just dandy."

7. Plucking your eyebrows and not being able to defeat this one little tiny hair, but knowing that if you mess with it too much it's just gonna bury deeper into its pore and eventually form an ingrown hair. So you just pick at that one little area as strategically as you can but regardless the little piece refuses to release itself from your face.

"I know this is going to be the most satisfying moment when I finally capture you. I bet you're only like a centimeter long. I just have to grab you from the right angle with the right force. Don't you underestimate me, eyebrow."

8. Having a candle that's melted too far down in its jar and you can't light it with a tiny lighter anymore because the wax keeps falling onto your flesh, but you just really want your room to smell like ocean mist paradise.

"I know in theory I could still use this candle if I purchased one of those long stick lighter things, or I could buy a new candle, but either of those choices requires funds that I just don't have the time to worry about right now."

9. Sharing a bed with someone and not being able to fall asleep, and knowing that the other person can't sleep either because you keep tossing and turning.

"I don't mean to be this way. I just am. I'm sorry. I hear you sighing and shifting, so now I'm just going to sit here in this uncomfy position for your sake. This is my life now. It's fine, don't worry about me, I'll just sit here in the darkness and think about my existential crisis for a while. For you."

10. Walking in a certain direction and someone else is walking in the same vicinity, and knowing you're in their line of vision as you suddenly realize you're walking the wrong way and you have to stop and swiftly turn around and shamelessly walk the other direction that's hopefully the right one.

"I know you saw that, and I know you think I don't know where I'm going, but like I do, I promise. I was just confused for a second. Please don't judge me. Please look away. Look AWAY."

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