10 Things To Do In Phoenix, AZ, For $10 Or Less
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10 Things To Do In Phoenix, AZ, For $10 Or Less

Get ready to be ballin' on a budget!

10 Things To Do In Phoenix, AZ, For $10 Or Less
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College is EXPENSIVE and being a starving college student is tough.

The books, parking passes, extra fees and expensive campus food can leave your pockets empty and your stomach grumbling. The worst part is, not only are you starving but often times you find yourself stuck on campus wanting to go hang out with friends and in need of some quality fun but are afraid to spend more money off campus than you would on campus! But have no fear!

For you GCU and Phoenix-based college students I've come up with a list of $10 and under in the 602, and for those of you not in Phoenix or even Arizona this list still has some awesome cheap, clean and fun ideas for anyone anywhere!

1. First Fridays

First Fridays in Phoenix is an awesome art walk that takes place in the heart of Downtown Phoenix and its Coronado Arts District. Occurring on the first Friday of every month, this art walk promises free access to some museums including the Phoenix Art Museum, pop-up art galleries, merchants, and late nights at coffee shops and amazing downtown foodie hotspots! With all the free access to museums and galleries, you are sure to have a memorable time enjoying all that local and renowned artists have to offer without breaking the bank! Remember, these events only happen once a month so they are definitely something you do not want to miss!

2. Farmers Markets

Whether you have been to a farmers market before or not, Phoenix farmers markets definitely should make your list of things to check off! Because Phoenix is such a big city, you can always find more than one farmer's market happening on any given Saturday which gives you tons of options to explore and choose from! Not only are farmers markets free, but they are guaranteed to have free samples of delicious, local fine foods and drinks. Plus, along with free food and drink samples, it is so easy to find greatly priced local and organic produce, items and even an awesome place to snatch a delicious, cheap and quality meal with some friends! Supporting a local farmers market has tons of benefits besides just free food and samples. When you support local farmers markets (even by just showing up and not buying anything) you are supporting local small businesses, merchants, families and locally sourced materials and foods which in turn supports your community! To find your local Phoenix farmers market click HERE!

3. AzPops

AzPops is a small mom and pop company that offers delicious, healthier and sustainable popsicle treats that can also sustain your budget. Not only are they delicious (you can also get some flavors dipped in chocolate) and Instagram-worthy going back to #2 above, they can be found at local farmers markets in the Phoenix area and at their store location!

4. Hiking

If you're in the need of some good outdoor fun, you are sure to find your share of it in Phoenix! From South Mountain to Squaw Peak and Camelback Mountain there is no shortage of free and fun hiking in the metro area. Keep in mind, while some of these hikes are tougher they are still definitely worth it!

5. Tour Downtown Using a Super Fun Share Bike

If you've ever been downtown and seen some super cute bikes around town then you might already know what I'm talking about! These green bikes are sprinkled all over downtown and offer locals and groups of friends a great way to get around and adventure the downtown area! Not only are they a cute green color but they are also super affordable at $7 an hour and you can even get a 7-day unlimited pass for $10! They can be picked up at any share bike location and dropped off in an opposite hub share location!

6. Artisan Coffee Shops

f there is anything Phoenix does not have a shortage of, it is Artisan Coffee Shops. These trendy and Instagram-worthy spots are not only cute and a great place to spend time and hang out with friends, they are also worthy of your time and money as you'll be supporting small business! These artisan coffee shops offer beautiful lattes, and amazing coffees and teas well under the $10 line. Plus, more often than not, you'll still have a few leftover dollars to get a freshly baked sweet treat or a savory croissant!

7. The Nash

The Nash the coolest Jazz Club in Phoenix. It's a club appropriate for all ages promising never a dull moment with amazing performance lineups from big names in Jazz to locals and up and coming Jazz artists! While The Nash also offers a delicious selection of food and drinks at a reasonable price, perhaps the best part about the club is their price points! Of course, different performers and bigger names in Jazz could mean a bigger price tag on the tickets, the majority of their shows offer student prices ages 25 and under at $10 per ticket!

8. Steele Indian School Park

A prime entertainment spot and recreational location filled with tons of fun free things to do! Not only does it have a community garden area but it also has fishing ponds, lakes, exercise trails and relaxing grassy spots to have picnics in the Arizona sun! Although this is just a park, the possibilities at such a large and green grassy location are virtually endless.

9. Heard Museum

The Heard Museum is definitely one of the coolest museums in the 602 with an insane variety of things to see and do. While it has made a name a traditional Native American and old western museum, it has evolved into a Native American, old western meets contemporary art museum that is all tied together perfectly with a cute cafe and a beautiful outdoor botanical garden to revel in.

10. Explore!

If you've made it to the bottom of the list, it is easy to see that Phoenix really does have some cool and affordable things to offer, but one of the best things you could do on a budget is exploring! After all, Phoenix is a constantly growing and bustling metropolitan city that is beckoning to be explored! And what better way to do it, then to grab some friends and make some memories adventuring through the city!

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