10 DCOMs That You Should Check Out
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10 DCOMs That You Should Check Out

You Have To Watch Them

10 DCOMs That You Should Check Out

If you are looking for something to watch look no further than right here. Here are 10 DCOMs that you should check out.

1. Go Figure (2005)

Katelin Kingsford, a talented teenage figure skater wants to be a champion, and in order to do so, she has to go to boarding school to train with a famous skating coach. In order to attend the school, because she can't afford it, she ends up getting a scholarship for hockey and not figure skating since they don't offer scholarships for that. Balancing it all is a lot harder than Katelin imagined it to be along with the fact that she has to keep being a figure skater a secret from the hockey team. Katelin faces many obstacles, but gets through each of them with the help of her friends.

I actually watched this all the time when I was younger, but forgot about it until recently. It's one of the earlier DCOMs, and it's a classic. I also forgot that a young Jake Abel (Adam from Supernatural) is in this movie.

2. Right On Track (2003)

This is one of my all time favorite DCOMs, and I watch this from time to time. It's rare to find it on television. If you are a Brie Larson fan (Captain Marvel) or a Beverley Mitchell (7th Heaven), or a racing fan in general, you should check it out.

It's based on a true story about Courtney and Erica Enders, who are two sisters, who get into junior drag racing which is a male dominated sport. They have to face some people including fellow racers that don't really support having girls race, but it only pushes them harder to prove them wrong and to work harder for what they want.

3. Halloweentown Series (1998-2006)

The series follows around Marine Piper, a witch along with her family. They have to face evil warlocks and witches, and save Halloweentown from being taken over. Throughout the series, you watch them grow up. Not only will they face evil forces, but they will also face dating, falling in love, and family drama. It's a good series, and Debbie Reynolds is amazing in it. I love watching her in this series.

4. Zenon Series (1999-2004)

You get to follow a young Kristen Storms and Raven as this series was set in the future (year 2049) and mostly on a space station. It's up to Zenon Kar save the day with her friends. In the first one, Zenon along with her friends have to save the space station from Wyndham. In the second one, it is now 2051, Zenon has to find a way to save the space station from being destroy due to it being badly damaged from the last one. In the last one, Zenon competes in the Galactic Teen Supreme contest, but things turn ugly when Selena wants them off the moon due to her wanting to be left alone. Zenon along with her friends has to find a way for everyone to get off the moon before Selena destroys earth.

5. Twitches and Twitches Too

If you love Tia and Tamera Mowry along with Halloween then you should check out these movies. Both movies follow the twins, you for twenty-one long years, lived separate lives before being reunited. They have to help take down the darkness who is after the twins along with Thantos (who is the darkness) who wants to be king.

6. Smart House (1999)

This movie follows Ben Cooper, a teenage boy who enters a contest, and ends up winning a computerized house. Things are looking good at first, but slowly, take a turn for the worst when the computerized house starts to take on a life of its own.

7. The Color of Friendship (2000)

I used to watch this one all the time growing up, and now you can't find it anywhere on television. I should see if I could buy it somewhere because I haven't seen this moving in a long time.

This movie is also based on a true events. It follows two girls, Mahree and Piper. Piper being from the United States. She lives with her father, who is a congressmen, and her mother and two younger brothers. Mahree is from South Africa who lives in a manor with her parents and little brother. They benefit from the apartheid. Her father is a policemen. Mahree ends up studying abroad in America with Piper and her family. Both girls have misconstrued notions about one another's countries. Over some time, they all become close, and the girls realize how much they get along. After Steve Biko dies, there are protests around the world, and things start to get worse.

8. Mom's Got A Date With a Vampire (2000)

Another classic that I forgot about. (I'm sorry). I used to watch this all the time growing up.

Chelsea and Adam, who are both grounded for different reasons, both have plans both need to get their mother out of the house first which they eventually do by setting her up with a man named Dimitri. Everything goes well until they realize that Dimitri is a vampire. They have to figure out a way to help their mother and save the day.

9. Motocrossed (2001)

Another movie I haven't seen in forever.

This movie follows Andrea Carson, a teenage girl who love motocross even though her father states that she is "just a girl" and is "unsuited for the sport". Her father is forced to go to Europe after her brother, Andrew, dislocates his knee before a big race. While Andrea's father is gone, Andrea takes his place with her mother's help, and pretends to be Andrew.

10. Double Teamed (2002)

One of my favorites. I love this movie.

It's based on a true story. It follows twin sisters, Heather and Heidi Burge. They are forced to go to a school with an amazing sports program to have better chances to get college scholarships by their father. At first, they go to the school to play volleyball which doesn't start until the spring. So, while they wait, Heidi joins the school musical while Heather joins the basketball team, but soon, Heidi is forced to join the basketball team by their father despite having no interest in playing the sport. Heather didn't want Heidi on the team due to it being her thing, and Heidi didn't want to be on the team because she wanted to do her own thing and not be in her sister's shadow. They also have to face Nicky, one of their teammates, who at first, is not nice to the girls, but eventually befriends them. They eventually forgive their father along with each other, and both end up loving basketball.

And there you have it. Here are 10 DCOMs that you should definitely check out and watch before the summer comes to a close, or on a nice cool fall day.

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