With the cold weather finally here, it's time to break out the leggings. And that means it's time for everyone's favorite debate when it comes to women's clothing: Are leggings actually pants?

Many would say no. But I'm here to shrug them off and keep wearing leggings as pants like it's my full-time job.

In fact, I often wear leggings to my full-time job. There is no better way to disguise yourself as a professional than by hiding your cozy clothes with boots and a long sweater. Am I right, or what?

In all seriousness, it's ridiculous that we think women should only wear jeans or slacks. It's 2018, and being comfortable should be a constitutional right. Somebody draft that amendment, please.

I mean, if you enjoy the feeling of your waistband murdering your stomach every time you sit down, wear jeans. No one is stopping you. But I'm going to be able to stretch and sit comfortably in any position I please.

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And before you go into the whole leggings-are-see-through argument, get with the times. Most clothing companies make quality leggings these days — because they know women are using their products as alternatives to their formerly uncomfortable prisons... I mean, pants.

Also, stop staring at our butts. Believe it or not, that isn't why we get dressed in the morning.

So, the moral is — apart from that you should quit looking at people's butts — that you should worry less about what I'm wearing and more about what's happening in your own life.

And by the way, you should be grateful I'm wearing leggings. If it were up to me, I'd run around in men's boxers or sweatpants all day long. I'd say sorry, but you know that I'd be lying.