Would You Rather: Everything Wrong With Society Or Everything Wrong With The Government?
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Would You Rather: Everything Wrong With Society Or Everything Wrong With The Government?

Neither Trump nor Hillary deserves to be called the President of the United States.

Would You Rather: Everything Wrong With Society Or Everything Wrong With The Government?

I am an eighteen-year-old female born to republican parents. I grew up with conservative ideals and viewpoints being subconsciously engrained into my mind. I am an active member of the Catholic Church, am from a relatively wealthy community, and used to watch Donald Trump’s show “The Apprentice” while eating Cinnabon every Thursday night. Based on my upbringing, one might assume that I am as republican as they come. However, I am also a female millennial with feminism, marriage equality, and abortion being prevalent issues in our society. I am surrounded by people my age participating in the “counterculture” of the twenty-first century. Because of this, I do identify as a feminist who supports equality amongst all people.

I have always thought that my beliefs have been unaffected by the opinions and views of others. I believe that I have created my own thoughts on certain issues based on logic, reasoning, and my own personal ideals. Despite my most valiant efforts, it is inevitable for the beliefs of others to interfere with one’s own. As I said before, my family is strictly republican. Yes, I do believe in fiscal conservatism. On the other hand, I have been exposed to many democrats in my time. Therefore, I do believe in certain aspects of social liberalism. I am a melting pot of the two parties; my economic views are mainly republican and my social views are mainly democrat.

I say “mainly” because there are some aspects of each party that I believe have a certain gray area. Politics, to me, is not black and white or, in this case, blue or red. There are situations in which I feel warrant further consideration before a set decision is made. For example, I am Pro-Life except in the cases of rape and when the pregnancy is detrimental to not only the health of the baby but also to the life of the mother. I think when a person chooses to have sex, there is a certain responsibility to that. If they get pregnant, they should then take on said responsibility. I am Pro-Gun Control, but I do think that if somebody wants a gun, a law is not going to stop them from obtaining one, so why prohibit civilians from possessing one. People break laws all the time. What makes this one different?

But why do you, the reader of this article, care about my views? Why would I bore you with my opinions when you have your own? I do not want to thrust my views upon you. I have never wanted to do that and despise when people do it to me. The point of the previous tangent was to establish the fact that I am caught in limbo between the Republican and Democrat Party. There are pros and cons to each. I am neither a republican nor a democrat, so at this point, I am not concerned with whether a democrat or republican wins, I am concerned whether Trump or Hillary wins.

Trump is everything that is wrong with society and Hillary is everything that is wrong with the government. Neither of them deserves the title of “The President of the United States.”

I will not vote for Trump. Do I think he will fix the economy? Yes, of course, I do. He is a successful businessman and the United States is a business. That being said, he is not a nice person. He is not somebody who warrants the respect that a president should. I refuse to give my vote to a man who degrades, objectifies, and disrespects women the way that he does. I refuse to give my vote to a man who wants to make people of a different ethnicity feel less human and banish them from the land of the free. I refuse to give my vote to a man who plans on stripping people of their inalienable rights just because of their background. I refuse to give my vote to a man who, when giving advice on how to get women, says to “grab them by the pussy.”

I will not vote for Hillary. Is she more respectful of humans than Trump is? No doubt. Most people are. However, I find her rather untrustworthy and imbecilic. She is not somebody that I want my little sisters, cousins, future daughters, or any other young girl for that matter idolizing as the first female president of the United States. Let me begin by saying the word Benghazi and that you cannot delete a plethora of “Top Secret” and “Classified” emails and call it a “mistake.” No. A mistake is accidentally buying whole milk instead of skim milk. I will not give my vote to a woman that puts the safety of others at risk. I will not give my vote to a woman that allows for the abuse of women. Congratulations to Hillary, she is the first female to be nominated for President, something that is ground-breaking for females across history. However, I do not support a woman that allows for her husband to mistreat her and helps him cover up having sexual relations with other women. She herself allows for women to be subordinate to men while simultaneously saying that she has “shattered the glass ceiling.” Finally, I will not vote for a woman who does not know how to give a straight up answer to a debate question.

I understand the importance of voting. The people of my generation and I are the future of the United States and need to be an active part in how the country is run. I find it unfortunate and disappointing that the first time that we are able to make a difference in the election we have to decide whether we want a malicious and temperamental man or a crooked woman. My hopes are that people vote for whoever they think would be the best president and least detrimental to the future of the United States.

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