If You Don't Work While In College, That Is OK

Until a couple weeks ago, I didn't work during the school year. I now have a job in my college town that I work on the weekends. My parents were okay with that because I saved up my money from my two summer and winter jobs to pay for my stuff while at school. They also know how important my grades are to me, and they're more than willing to help me out financially when I really need it.

No, I don't bank off of my parents. I would never do that to them. I only spend my money wisely on things I actually need like food and books. Sometimes I like to treat myself, but I don't go crazy buying unnecessary things.

I see a lot of articles written by college students who work, and they're mostly bitter about the students who don't work. Good for you that you can handle working while in college, but that doesn't mean that everyone can. It's also important to realize that it's hard for a lot of college students to work while in school because work study jobs are limited and a lot of students go to school away from home, and sometimes they don't have a car on campus to drive to a job.

Yes, we're lucky because our parents help us when needed. But there's no need to be bitter about it. Yes, we actually ARE busy, because we're in clubs and we actually study! Imagine that, a college student STUDYING in their "free" time! So don't invalidate us being busy because we actually do put time into our schoolwork.

I understand that you're stressed because you have to juggle work and school. However, that doesn't invalidate the stress of those who don't work. Some people can't handle work and school. A lot of people can't even handle JUST school. There are a lot of different reasons someone might not work while in school, and that is OK. Just stop being so judgmental and bitter about it.

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