7 Key Parts Of Working At A Country Club

7 Key Parts Of Working At A Country Club

Want to know the real ins and outs of working in a country club?


1. Members Get What They Want And They Are Always Right

The members can ask for anything they want and there is a 95% chance that they are going to get it because they run this place. If something is wrong with their food or drink, even if their food and drink are perfectly fine, you fix it, because they are always right.

2. Resetting For Events Is A Trip

Ok, but like, lugging the tables and chairs around the dining room is a struggle. Also, better get used to spending hours folding napkins for table settings.

3. You Learn About A Lot Of Different Alcohol

These members order so many different drinks and want some weird liquor brands, so now, I know all about the alcohol.

4. You Tell Your Life Story Over And Over Again

The members will want to know everything about you. How did you get your name? Where are you from? Do you go to school? What's your major? Do you have a boyfriend? Give them your life story and they just may be satisfied.

5. Every Day During "Season" Is A Blur

Between working and school and life, season will be the death of you. Long days of events and resetting and just a constant cycle of country club life.

6. You Create A Real Bond Between Your Coworkers

Since you spend so much time together in one place, you learn a lot about each other and become a small family. I can't tell you the amount of brotherly/sisterly bickering that happens on a day to day basis.

7. The Money Is Great!

The guaranteed 18% gratuity is a really great treat. I mean you can't go wrong with that! So even if you hate the job, which you shouldn't because it is great, the money makes it all worth it!

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16 Reasons Nurses Have Been And Will Continue To Be The Most Trusted Profession

Because there is more to nurses than bed baths and medications


For the past 17 consecutive years, nurses have been the most trusted profession in America. How do we know? Gallup does a poll every year to Americans rating different professions on honesty and ethical standards.

Nurses were number one as 84% of Americans rated nurses as high or very high when it comes to honesty and ethical standards. This isn't anything new, either. Gallup says that "With the exception of one year, 2001, when firefighters were on the list after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, nurses have far outpaced all other professions since they were added to the list two decades ago."

So, what made them chose nurses as the most honest and ethical?


1. They hold the hands of your loved ones

The Today Show

Nurses work 12-hour shifts. They are with your loved one more than anyone else in the hospital. Every family member cannot be with them 24/7, nor is it healthy to be. They encourage caregivers and family members to go home; take a shower, eat a meal, and sleep.

You cannot be there for them if you aren't there and healthy. That is where nurses come in. They'll take the hand for a while. Whether they are just going through a rough patch or taking their last breath, they will be there for comfort, support, and guidance.

2. They teach and help you understand

Education is a huge part of their jobs. They teach a diabetic how to take insulin. They teach the liver failure patient on what their lab values mean. They teach the importance of your diagnosis. They teach about medications. Nurses teach A LOT.

They should probably have a dual degree in education. They also help you understand things you did not understand. Physicians, for example, may not explain things in terms you understand. Nurses can help clarify and make sure you are comfortable and informed about what is happening.

3. They help you feel human again

Jill Krause

It is helping you in the shower after a long night. It is giving a bed bath when you just cannot move. It is helping you go to the bathroom after just giving birth. It is offering you a toothbrush. It is talking to you like a human being and not talking down on you.

Nurses and nursing assistants are responsible for making sure you are as comfortable as you possibly can be. Hospitals are not fun and if you are there, it is possible you are not your best self. That is where they come in.

4. They provide open and honest communication

Nurses almost always ask open-ended questions. Why? How much information can you get from "yes" or "no"? Nurses are the people who communicate with you on a different level. They are honest, show empathy, and want to help. They open the room up for whatever you want to discuss. It is one of their many positions.

5. They help bring life into the world


Imagine celebrating life every single day. This is the reality for many Labor and Delivery, Postpartum, NICU, and well-baby nursery nurses. You are not alone. The nurses are the one increasing your pain medications when needed or helping you get through and respect your natural birth plan.

They encourage you every step of childbirth. They'll let you squeeze their hands, put a cold rag on your head, and place your baby on your chest after it's all over. Nurses are the ones who care for you and your whole family.

6. They are EVERYWHERE

Hospitals, schools, community, clinics, group homes, rehabilitation centers, outpatient centers, offices and your primary office, home health care, pharmacies, senior living centers, and so much more.

Nurses are not just trusted in hospitals. They are everywhere.

7. They advocate for you

Nurses give you a voice. The patient always comes first in their eyes. When they feel something is wrong, they WILL advocate for you. They are the people you want on your team.

They help you make informed decisions and translate things you may not understand. They will make sure you have all the tools you need, they ensure your safety, they educate you, and they connect you to resources you may need.

In fact, they are your biggest cheerleaders! They want you to get better and be your best possible self. Many times, nurses develop relationships with patients who have around for a while. Relationships are professional, yet they also become your biggest fans.

8. They are empathetic 

Nurses are special. They find out early on in nursing school whether they have the skills to be a nurse. The one's that make it are usually the empathic ones. They are able to put themselves your shoes, which is a huge reason why nurses give the care they do.

9. They help you cope, patient or not


Nurses always have "two" patients: the actual patient and the family. It comes with the job! They do not just educate the patient; they educate the family, too. They also help you cope. Losing a loved one is never easy.

Although you may not be their patient, they'll still hold your hand, guide you, support you, and give you the resources you need to get through tough times.

10. They see you at your worst 

This is a positive thing. When you're at your worst, you need the most help. Nurses are always the first on the scene to care for you in all aspects; big or small.

11. They are active outside of their workplace

Zach Vessels

Nurses (and nursing students) do a lot of community work. They see the bigger picture of why a patient may not take their medications or why they might not understand something. They are always out trying to help the community with screenings and education.

12. They practice and heal holistically 

Nurses practice holistically, meaning the focus on healing the whole person. According to American Nursing Today, it takes a "mind-body-spirit-emotion-environment" approach to the practice of traditional nursing. Holistic nursing is based on a philosophy of living and being that is grounded in caring, relationship, and interconnectedness.

A holistic nurse recognizes and integrates the principles and modalities of holistic healing into daily life and clinical practice. Holistic nursing encourages nurses to integrate self-care, self-responsibility, spirituality, and reflection in their lives."

Yes, they take into consideration everything, not just the physical body.

13. They don't judge


Okay honestly, they’ve seen it all.

14. They are always learning and bettering themselves

Temple University Hospital learning they achieved Magnet status

Temple Health Instagram

First, nursing school is DIFFICULT. Students have 12-hour clinicals, countless care guides, and a heavy course load. It is one most difficult majors. Yet, their pain is your gain! You want your nurse to be the best.

They hold your life in their hands! Along with making it through school, they are always learning on the unit, keeping up to date on evidence-based research, complete CE's (continuing education), and have countless certifications.

15. They listen

They don't listen to answer, they listen to listen. They'll listen to your worries, your stories, and anything you want to share. They have your back.

16. They encourage bonding and support

Josh Appel

Studies have shown that visitors and having support have an impact on patient outcomes! This included rapid recovery, boosting moral, and reduce anxiety and delirium. It also helps if you are there. You'll be better equipped to care for your loved one.

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Being A Waitress Isn't Easy, Let Me Tell You

Like most jobs, it's not a walk in the park. Waitresses have it good... until they don't.


We sit the customers; we get the customers drinks. Then, we get the customers orders and serve. Make the bill and hand it to them. Done, easy right? Not always. I love coming to work at Pizza Hut. I get to work while I socialize with people and I love it. As much as I like my job, I also have some things I don't necessarily like doing my job.

The first thing that annoys me as a waitress, is how inaccurate the days are. I never know how stressful my day is going to be, I don't know how many people will want to come in an eat. Meaning that, no matter what day it is, I don't know how hectic it will be and I don't know how much money I'll make. Usually, the weekends (including Fridays) are good and Wednesday night's buffet is good, but the rest is a big toss up.

You would think that Mondays would be slow, which most of the time they are, however, there are still some Mondays that I would handle seven tables at once with no let-up. I can't even predict a day because if us waitresses were to predict, it would backfire on us and it would be the opposite of what was said. Talk about rough.

Next, we have the salad bar. On top of everything we have to do for our tables we also have to tend to our salad bar. It's a pain to keep up with, especially when it's busy because to fill it we would have to go to the cooler, grab the extra crocks, fill the crocks, bring all the crocks up the salad bar and fill them. To fill them we have to individually take out the old crocks and put the older salad ingredients on top of the newer ingredients. We have to fill it a certain amount full and the extra product would have to go back to the cooler and wrap it for later, which is more work.

Normally on the busy days, the manager would help us out, and on other days, there are extras made already in the cooler so it is a faster process for when it's busier. And if someone thinks anything is wrong with the salad bar, they will let their server know! I don't know why the customers assume that if they think their tomatoes are too sour that we absolutely have to know, but I would love it if I could just do my job and not be sidetracked and have to converse with the manager on how the tomatoes are sour to one person while others are eating them fine.

Oh! And if there is a crock completely out of product on the salad bar, the customers are going to get snippy.

They will tell every waitress in the place trying to get food out and expect them to just forget about the hot food and go fix the salad bar. I'm not saying that if a waitress where to listen to the complaint and take their food out that the salad bar customer would throw a tantrum, but they will expect it done right after and make sure to ask you again when you return.

Finally, we have the stiffers.

A stiff is people who come in, expect to have a good service, but do not tip when exiting. I absolutely hate these tables. Not only do I have to worry about the business, but I also have to worry about the tables that think a $4.25 hourly pay is just enough for a server.

I'm sorry, but no it's not.

That is not going to fill my car, sir. I'm not trying to stereotype, but sometimes you can definitely tell a paying table vs a stiffer, and believe me that that kind of table will stress a server out the whole service until the table leaves. Why? Because we don't want to serve a stiffer our best service, it's not worth it! There are even some regulars that come to pizza hut and hardly tip and believe me, the servers do not do perform to their fullest potential.

Can you blame us though? Why work hard for no money?

As much as these things annoy the crap out of me, I love my job. I get to go to work, socialize with people, and give them food, food always makes me happy. I like the environment and more importantly the people I work with. That's what makes the job so much fun.

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