3 Tips To Wake Up Your Work Attire
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3 Tips To Wake Up Your Work Attire

Ladies, your work attire doesn't have to be as boring as that monotonous weekly meeting you just can't stand. You might have a mandatory uniform, but there are countless ways to jazz up the notorious plain black jumpsuit. Whether you work a 9-5 corporate job, or scored a part time gig at your favorite clothing store, try these simple tips on how to amplify your professional ensemble.

3 Tips To Wake Up Your Work Attire

I know many women that would agree with me when I say that my day feels noticeably worse if my outfit doesn't live up to my standards or liking. Dressing this way for work might be tricky depending on the job that you have, especially if it requires a strict business uniform. Luckily, I work part time at a clothing store called Anthropologie. If you are familiar with Anthropologie, you'd probably know that the atmosphere in store resembles that of a girly garden fairytale. With that being said, there are still a few things in my feminine wardrobe that I am not allowed to wear during shifts. Doc Marten boots for example, as well as other shoes containing a rubber sole like sneakers. No assertive graphic tees, no short shorts, no plain or ripped jeans and a t-shirt, and no cleavage. Most of those rules are pretty reasonable and I rarely ever feel as if I can't express myself through my work attire. But I definitely have those days where I suffer an obnoxious need to spice up my outfit. Oh and this usually happens five minutes before I have to get out the door and be on my way to work. Here's how I handle this overly occurring dilemma, along with a steal and a splurge item to go along with each tip.

1. Scarf scrunchies

No matter the profession, scarf scrunchies (should) almost always receive the OK. Scarf scrunchies are my go to hair accessory when my outfit just doesn't feel complete. Not only do they make for a lovely addition to any look, but they are also quite chic and I am beginning to notice them swaying sweetly on vast amounts of ponytails. It's just really damn cute and looks good on everyone. The scarf scrunchies come in many different colors, textures, patterns, and lengths. Some tie in a bow, some feature sparkles, some star a soft satin hand. These little luxuries are selling in bundles on Amazon for cheap, as well as separately in stores like Anthropologie (woo hoo!) and Forever 21. Believe it or not, scarf scrunchies can get pricey depending on where you look. Specially crafted scrunchies can cost up to fifty dollars, boasting beautiful bejeweled embellishments.

Steal: Amazon scarf scrunchie pack. shorturl.at/bqrDK

Splurge: Free People Embellished Scarf Pony. shorturl.at/guRWZ

2. Fun shoes

If painfully stiff and below average looking service shoes are not one of your work attire requirements, this advice goes out to you. I cannot emphasize this guidance enough, treat yourself to some perky work shoes. Mules, loafers, espadrilles, and delicate sandals are making their ways on to working feet everywhere. A brilliant quote states, "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." I now resonate deeply with this saying after investing in a few lovely pairs of mules and loafers. I bought my favorite pair of mules, linked below, a Jeffrey Campbell dupe off of Amazon for under twenty bucks. Not too bold being all black, but still that extra addition of fun thanks to the cute little puff ball. Target also has an amazing and affordable shoe selection that is worth checking out. I purchased a pair of leopard print mules from their store that I can match with just about any standard color and outfit being such a versatile design.

Steal: Amazon pom pom mules. shorturl.at/dvFOS

Splurge: Birdies cheetah loafers. shorturl.at/nrCEK

3. Refreshing jewelry

When I say refreshing, I'm referring to pieces that you might normally think twice about before adding to your cart. These items should stand out against your typical pearl studs or Alex and Ani charm bracelets. Perhaps some penny sized tortoise shell hoops, or better yet some Susan Alexandra fruit inspired ear candy. How about putting a modern twist on you grandmas gifted pearl necklace? Stores like Zara and Forever 21 have a wide array of pimped out pearl jewelry for sale at non-pimp prices. If you really want to get fancy with it, go with a timeless, yet stand out piece. A gold chain with a classy pendant would be the perfect investment staple.

Steal: Zara natural pearl necklace. shorturl.at/rvwF2

Splurge: Susan Alexandra lemon meringue earrings. shorturl.at/dgBOW

Splurge #2: SIRCONSTANCE (new designer!) crystal necklace on NET-A-PORTER. shorturl.at/xzHX6

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