Words of the Past

We've all been through those times of heartache, love, and times when we confused lust for love. I dug up some words from my past. This is some of what exists inside of me.

June 26, 2013

Your storm, your voice
bled through my veins like poison.
Infection spread and it was too late.
Hypnotized by the idea of you..
Deluded by the lies..
Anything to make me smile.. Anytime.

A natural laugh,
A shoulder to cry on.
A genuine look in your eye
it all went to shit.

Better yet, did it ever exist?

I sit alone,
mind racing,
I’m alone in my mind
taking a breath from time to time.

Did it ever exist?
Tormented by this.

Blinded with a hazy mind,
dizzy with your words-
Orbiting my head.
I can’t quit you now-
Your storm.

Your storm comes.
Rips with a fictitious loyalty.
The night falls,
your lips on someone else.

Morning arises,
You step faithlessly into another exhausting day.
Wheezing the corrupt words your kind eyes promise.

An elusive predator to the opposite sex
pitching.. transcending ...
And your storm
quickly became my biggest obstacle.
Hurdles jacked so high,
a weak girl, left with nothing but to comply.

Your storm..

No Date Recorded.

Finally found someone worth the heartache-

Found someone to hold my head when I cry for you.

I finally found someone who takes my breath away,

And catches me on my way down.

A bond that seems to grow deeper.. As you grow further away.

Which is okay with me, better for us.

A love I once lust for-

A love I once couldn’t live without

A friend I found in you; a companion ….till it all turned around

A sick emotion churns in my stomach at the thought of your playful face-

A flash back to all those empty promises …. Those compromising days.

I picture you now as your mirage floats through my mind

And I stand strong now as the woman you’ll grow to despise.

I found a person who brings me something to put a simple smile on my face- Thats all

When it was like pulling teeth Just to get you to call

What am I fighting for? Lies and empty promises.. What am I fighting for?

A hopeless place that I found in just the right time- spent years fighting, losing

Today I take back whats mine

No more compromising days for you and I.

April 15, 2015

She was light on her feet,
heaviest heart I’d ever seen..
Her breath smelled of coffee and strawberries-
I hope she never leaves..
I’ll chase her in the fog,
waves crashing beneath..
I’ll follow wherever she wants,
I’ll let her take me to my knees.
She’s everything I’ve ever wanted..
With her plaid shirt, leather coat,
she exactly what I’d dreamed..
Blindsided by what I thought..
She’s exactly what I need.


February 4, 2007 4:09am

2 different men
in 2 different cities
different jobs
different personalities
different laughs
and the way they wash their sheets
different outlooks on life
and the way they dream
2 different men
with different colored eyes
different colored skin
But they both look alright
2 different men
with different memories in their head
2 different men..
But I exist
in both their beds.

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