I am a WOMAN, and I am NOT offended by Trump's "Comments"
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I am a WOMAN, and I am NOT offended by Trump's "Comments"

Women for Trump 2016

I am a WOMAN, and I am NOT offended by Trump's "Comments"

Often times after I'm asked how I can support Trump, given the fact he "down-grades" women, and my answer is simply everything I am about to write in this honest, and true article.

I do not know about other women in the world, but I know from my perspective at least, since middle school boys have said mean things about girls. I can also guarantee you that girls have probably said a lot meaner thinfs about boys, let alone girls saying mean things about other girls. I can not imagine what people say behind closed doors about one another, but I do know that we all do it. I can bet Clinton has said some mean things about men, in private, as she has certainly said some mean things about other women. Even a presidential candidate is not perfect.

As far az immigration goes, Trump's plan has gone full scale, blown out of proportion by mass media. I do not know how many times one can respect: he is not deporting people who "look" foreign, he is deporting illegal immigrants. People who work under the table, and do not stimulate our economy, but rather hurt it. We all know our economy could use a boost or two. We also need to look at this in terms of safety. We can not risk more people being killed in our country due to their, regligon, race, or gender specifications, as we have already seen so much tradgdy occur from that. (Lets be honest Trump probably wont build a wall considering he has congress to go through, but stronger immigration laws would not hurt us considering we accidently gave 800-8000 peoples american citizenship.)

ISIS is a huge proplem, and will countine to be. I think have blunt Trump is, will scare a lot of people includimg ISIS. I repeate we can NOT play "Mr.Nice" guy anymore. They need tp be stopped, and being brutally honest might come off offensive, but our safety is at stake.

Women's rights has been on of Clinton's strong points, and as a woman, going through college I can not tell you how much I do not want a woman like this representing my gender. She is hard working politician who got where she is with help from her husband. Sadly that is how most things are today you get where uou need to be thriugh "ins" and that is unfair. However, women have just as much rights as anyone else. We have already gone through this movement many times before. The wage gap, although deafintly true in some situations, needs to be realisticly addressed. YES some, mainly women employed, jobs will pay less than men. This where you decide between pay, or doing a job you love. This is why I am okay with an average of 45,000 dollar salary as a future mental health counsloer. There are circumstances where women make more than men with the same experience and education. This is not an issue we should be focusing our attention on when there have been thousands of people killed in the last 8 years by extremists!

Taxes are another big thing we are all concerned about. To be honest Trump has not given us his tax report, but when you own millions of dollars in land, business, and estate things are obviously more difficult than our simple taxes. At least Trump can admit that he does not want to share them at this time, meanwhile Hillary once again is lying to us. The Clinton Foundation is defiantly skeptical, and sketchy, and there has been plenty of instances where Hillary has been accused of illegally gaining money from foreign countries, and hiding this money in the Clinton Foundation, so no Hillary you are not any better in this category.

I refuse to be offended by the things that Trump say, because that is what makes us weak. Our generation gets offended by everything, when in realty Trump is being realistic something we desperately need. I am much more offended by the allegations against Clinton, than the things Trump said 11 years ago. I am pro Trump because of the crisis our country is in.

-Sincerely 18 year old woman!

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