A Letter To Woke Millennials
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To The 'Woke' Millennials, Your Tweets Don't Save Lives, Actions Do

To hell with your thoughts and prayers.


By now we've all definitely heard of the hate-fueled mass shooting that took place on March 15th, 2019 in Christchurch, New Zealand, correct? Coming from one of the safest countries in the world, it was the first time the terrorism threat level was raised high. In less than a week, Prime Minister Ardern assured the public that New Zealand's gun laws will change, announcing a ban on semi-automatic guns on March 21st.

I was fascinated by how New Zealand handled this tragedy so urgently, wasting no time to take immediate action into the access of guns. America, please take note. Gun violence is prevalent in our nation, yet so far, the abundance of mass shootings we've had in America unphases our government's decision to enforce real change on gun laws.

I'm sick of going on Twitter and seeing a rage of millennials preaching for better gun control laws, using hashtags dedicated to every mass shooting victim. And I'm tired of seeing second amendment advocates arguing back, claiming, "Taking away our guns won't stop the shootings. It's our right to bear arms." It's so repetitive. NOTHING is getting done when the gun control conflict between American liberals and conservatives break out every time a national tragedy occurs, and the government does absolutely nothing about it. To hell with your thoughts and prayers.

Social media is a powerful platform. But, if we use it only to talk, nothing will get done, unless we put those words into action.

The definition of an activist is a person who campaigns for social change. To campaign means to work in an active way. There is nothing as inactive as hiding behind the screen of a computer trying to prove to your 500 followers you don't agree with something any sane person would also not condone.

What I'm saying here is, it's time for a change. In our own activism. The best way to make a stand is to go out and do it. You can start a revolution online, but if you never leave your couches to act on it, it falls short of success. You can take action on anything in this world besides fighting for improved gun control laws. Anything that will make you a better human, making our community a better place. For example, instead of watching "Homeless Person Social Experiments" and hoping locals show generosity to the person pretending to be homeless, act on it yourself. As in, donate to the poor yourself. Have your world rocked by experiencing or seeing real struggle, and do what you can to help.

If any of this makes you uncomfortable, irritated, or you start giving excuses, then the activist life is not for you. And if that is the case, think about this: do you believe things change on their own? You don't have to have some incentive if your plan is to make a difference. It's never too late to start saving people. This world needs improvement every day.

Your tweets don't save lives. Your actions do. So start.


A girl ready to see real change.

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