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10 Must-Haves To Stay Warm On A Cold And Snowy Day

Winter is less than a month away ladies! Grab your must-haves to stay warm!

10 Must-Haves To Stay Warm On A Cold And Snowy Day

The forecast is currently 27 degrees with slight wind and snow showers. Although the season is fall, it sure doesn't feel like it. In times like this, all I can think about is layer, layer, layer

Here is a list of comfortable and stylish accessories to complete you and your "winter" outfit.

Knitted beanies. 

Luckily, in college, you're allowed to wear hats in class. Bad hair days occur too often for me. My solution? Throw on a hat. Now that the temperatures decreasing, I can wear my knitted navy and white beanie with a pom pom on top from Forever 21. It keeps my head warm and my ears from falling off. Literally. #HatHairForDays

Blanket scarves. 

You may look like you're wrapped in your comforter in one of these, but hey at least you're not shivering.

Fur vests.

Plain long sleeves aren't enough to stand out and stay warm. Fur vests are a MUST to top any basic outfit because of its elegance, classiness, and edginess!

Teddy jackets.

Ladies, these are trending right now! These are oversized and super comfortable. They are perfect for lounging around the house or you can dress them up with your favorite ripped jeans and booties!

Knitted sweaters.

It is...sweater weather season! If you're not a big fan of scarves then a turtleneck sweater is a great alternative option.

Touch screen gloves.

Now that we're all addicted to our phones, why keep our hands in our pockets when we can use them and stay warm at the same time? Find touchscreen gloves for only $9 in any Target location.


Leggings are very essential to have in your closet. Whether you're heading to class, watching movies at home, or going out for brunch, you can never go wrong with a pair of leggings. I highly recommend Lululemon leggings because of how soft the material is. Lululemon also has a variety of colors and styles!

Cozy socks.

Not a big fan of slippers? Perfect! Just wear these around the house and they will keep your feet warm and toasty. Cozy socks remind me of hot chocolate and the holidays. Shoe Carnival currently has a buy one get one free deal! Go check it out!

SO i REaLly hope you love these boots.

Haven't you heard? Shoes are a women's best friend and everyone needs their go-to pair of shoes. In the winter, mine are my SOREL snow boots because they prevent me from slipping and falling on ice. These are pretty pricey, but certainly worth the money!

 Hydro Flask flip top bottle. 

On the run? Take your coffee or hot chocolate to go with a Hydro Flask that is built for hot and cold beverages! Bundle up in style with your

Grab your must-haves, rock that outfit, and fashionably strut into December with confidence!

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