6 Reasons Why You Should Register To Vote
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6 Reasons Why You Should Register To Vote ASAP, Especially If You're Young

Young Americans have been known throughout history to move the nation forward, yet only half of eligible young voters actually voted in the last presidential election.

Voting line

I turned 18 in June, but I only registered to vote about two weeks ago. I didn't even plan to vote, but I had to go to the library and there was an organization holding a voter registration event there, so I took the opportunity to register.

You may not think so, but every vote matters. Of course, political issues do not compare to this, but anytime I think of my voting right, I remember when my best friend ran for president of our ninth-grade student government association and she lost. I know that in America, a single vote will not throw off results so drastically, but I do believe that all of those nonvoters could make a tremendous impact on voting outcomes.

1 in 4 eligible voters in America are not registered to vote.

While campaign and election information is widely available and easily accessible, most people do not know when voter registration deadlines are in order to be eligible to vote in upcoming elections. Because of this, many potential voters fail to register to vote and do not have the chance to make a difference. My advice would be to register as soon as you become eligible.

Your right to vote was one that had to be fought for.

For most Americans, 100 years ago, voting would have been out of the question for them. Go out and vote and make Susan B. Anthony and Ida B. Wells' advocacy worth their while.

Only half of young voters are actually voting.

Young voters (ages 18 – 29) make up about 21% of the eligible voting population, yet only about half of them voted in the 2016 presidential election. College students have the right to vote in their college town or from where they hail, although choosing to vote from where they hail may result in the need of an absentee ballot.

Young voters taking responsibility increases the likelihood of others voting.

When young people vote, others in their household become more likely to vote. This may be because they may want a family member to accompany them if they are a first-time voter, but regardless, this still increases the number of overall voters.

Voting is a civic duty.

Change is only implemented but those who are willing to put in the effort. While voting is both a right and a privilege, only 55.7% of citizens of voting age in America voted in the 2016 election, and primary voting turnouts were even lower. If you do not vote, along with the millions of others who do not vote, how are you going to change anything? Should you be complaining if you did nothing in the first place?

If not now, then when?

Registering to vote is now easier than it has ever been. You can go here to register to vote literally right now!

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