Why It's Hard For A Creative Person Like Me To Stay Focused
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Why It's Hard For A Creative Person Like Me To Stay Focused

I just had a brilliant idea! And now I don't!

Why It's Hard For A Creative Person Like Me To Stay Focused
Bex Briesmaster

Hi, My name is Bex and I can't stay focused for the life of me.

Although in my defense, I have a huge knack for detail. I can meet you once, not see you for months, and run into you and ask you how your job interview went and where you got the purple button up with the stiched pocket you were wearing because I didn't think to ask at the time. I usually get a lot of bewildered looks too because I'm pretty sure that people think I am some kind of robot alien sent down with a photographic memory to capture intricate details to send back to the mothership. I suppose it comes with the territory though, being what I like to call intuitively inclined.

Let me explain:

I get an idea in my head. It can come to me as a vivid image or even a dream (some of my best short stories come from dreams that I have had) and I will throw all of my energy into forming that idea. Fine tuning all of the details for a day or two before my brain decides that I have had enough of the actual physical aspect of detailing the thought. It is quite mysterious, really because I will be enthralling when I explain an idea to one of my friends, but then all of the sudden I will drop for weeks at a time, before picking it back up again.

I tell you what though, it can be frustrating.

I really have no idea why I do it. I do not recall ever being formally diagnosed with anything, nor do I believe in that kind of thing. I don't think that because I have a hard time staying passionate about one thing for any specific duration means that I am damaged in any way, shape, or form. And I cannot stress this enough, neither are you, fellow creative person.

We just function differently, that's all.

I think it's because I am a corporate working girl in the daytime. I have to put on my 'business hat' and continue on during an eight hour day stifled by other people's needs and wants over my own. I have to set aside day dreaming and idea forming when I am within those four walls and I admit, it can be very difficult to find balance in that, especially if I want to stay in my dreamland. I will add though that I am insanely social. I want to become friends with practically everyone I meet. (Even some of my customers and I have handshakes that we perform when they walk into the building.) I love giving hugs, I love feeling the energy of a person. I think maybe, just maybe, when it's just me on my lonesome and I'm in the middle of writing a brilliant idea, I run out of the energy that was fueling me to forge on ahead to a best selling novel. Who knows though, I'm just spit balling over here.

What can I say, I am a dreamer. (And also a Pisces, which are known for that sort of thing. I suppose it goes hand in hand, I mean if you believe it.)

I think the problem us intuitively inclined folk have is understanding what is actually genuine for us. As I said, I could have a brilliant story line idea being born onto my laptop via my fingertips and then a week later I let it rest, almost self critiquing if it truly was an Oscar worthy idea. (Really? Ree-heallly?)

I think I need to just tell myself what I don't want to tell myself. I need to hunker down and get focused.

I believe it can honestly be very tricky at times to balance the creative person's soul versus the corporate skeleton's demands. (I mean hello, I wouldn't be writing this little ditty otherwise.) I'm going to attempt to get better at the balancing act of it all. Here are some steps that I have already put in place to (Hopefully) get the ball rolling.

1) I enlisted the help of some friends.

I send everything I have ever written to my best friend and I have now enlisted the help of another friend to edit some of my work and provide coaching where needed to help get those ideas into tip-top shape.

2) I use the Facebook Messenger app to message myself voice recordings.

I will verbalize an idea or sometimes even sing. (Yeah, this ol' girl sings.) I have found it extremely helpful, especially when I am not able to sit down and physically write it down in a journal or get on my laptop and tap away.

3) I let my mind wander, relentlessly.

I am in a constant state of imagination. Various levels of imagination, but imagination no less. I enjoy letting myself daydream to come up with better ways to get my ideas across. I set aside some time each morning to really let my mind wander, especially before work. It helps me pull in positive vibes to start the day.

4) I listen to music almost all of the time.

I love writing to music, singing music, and making music. It is by far one of the best outlets a creative person can reach for. I suggest listening to as many genres as you can. I love writing to indie music, but I can sing you every country song as far back as the day I was born. It's all about the balance, baby.

I know that someday, by the grace of God and The glorious Universe I will get it together and really allow myself to stay on one idea for a longer period of time than I am accustom. I got some great advice from fellow Self Love Beauty writer, Carie Terrill - she said (and I quote):

Just remember that you are amazing and already a great writer.

I want all of you fellow writers, music makers, and creative geniuses to know that I get it. The juice quickly comes and goes, just like the tide. It can be frustrating to seemingly want to finish a piece of work, but then not have the energy to do so. Forge on, fellow intuitively inclined people! I'm sure that we will all find our balance in this chaotic world to create magic soon enough.

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