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Everything you need to know about Kesha and Sony.

Free Kesha


The words ring from fans’ mouths, they appear on glitter-covered picket signs and they sum up the feelings of many across social media platforms in a simple hashtag. These words represent a recent event that sadly does not reflect well on our country's stance on rape and sexual assault. These words also summoned up a greater power, one that, due to competition, insecurity and cattiness, cannot always be observed these days: girl power.

What exactly am I referring to? Just last week, a New York judge denied Kesha Rose Sebert the right to produce new music outside of her contract with record label Sony. This hope was a subsequent result of Kesha’s allegations of rape and sexual assault, among others, against producer Dr. Luke.

Currently, Dr. Luke Gottwald has an arrangement with Sony Entertainment that allows him to run their label, Kemosabe Records, and produce music specifically for them. Of this music, Gottwald was the executive producer for two of Kesha's albums. Kesha’s lawsuit last week looked to void her six-album contract with Dr. Luke, allowing her to work outside of Sony and his supervision.

The stated reason behind Kesha’s desire to break from Sony has to do with many allegations against the sleazy 40 year-old. The suit alleges sexual assault, sexual harassment, gender violence, civil harassment, infliction of emotional distress, violation of unfair business laws and negligent retention and supervision. That’s a pretty big sh*tlist, Dr. Luke. What do you have to say for yourself?

Well, surprise surprise, Dr. Luke denied all accusations against him and even, gasp, countersued Kesha for defamation. While both of these lawsuits were pending, Kesha filed for an injunction that would have let her record with other producers for the time being. This injunction was also denied.

Meanwhile, here’s the kicker. Recently, our country seems to have become more self-aware and conscious of the amount of rape and sexual assault that exists not only across college campuses but in general. We are drilled on the meaning of consent, not a single adjective to be left out of its definition. We take numerous alcohol awareness and bystander intervention classes, and we are informed about all the resources we have available. We are encouraged to step forward, to get help in times of need and to reach out to others.

We are taught that the victim is not to blame, yet this case would suggest just the opposite. This verdict seems to completely go against what our generation has been taught. Yes, Kesha had a heavily negotiated contract on her hands. However, when she stands in front of a courtroom, tears in her eyes, explicitly stating that she felt "unsafe" and "feared retaliation," a piece of paper seems rather insignificant in comparison.

With reference to Kesha’s accusations against Dr. Luke, the judge claimed that there was a lack of “evidence” of sexual assault and abuse, but has not fully dismissed the allegations. A lawyer for Dr. Luke claimed Kesha’s allegations were “asserted solely to extort money and gain contractual leverage.”

Doesn’t this go against everything our current generation has been taught? Does this not discourage rape victims from stepping forward only to be faced with the blame of what they have endured? Once again society has placed the burden of 'proof' on the victim.

Just as I was beginning to lose all hope, a sweeping force of support took over. Not only were the people reacting, Kesha’s fans rallied and boycotted Sony in support of their beloved pop star, but celebrities also joined together in undeniable support. Among these supporters; Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Lily Allen, Jangle Monae, Lena Dunham and Lorde.

Taking to Twitter, these female celebrities made it known who they supported and stood by. These words of encouragement were not only heard across Twitter but also across Hollywood. Taylor Swift even announced a donation of $250 thousand to fund Kesha's legal battle with Dr. Luke.

In a great show of female support, these women band together to offer words of condolence, concern and sympathy to Kesha in her time of despair. They, along with Kesha's countless fans, put aside their own issues and struggles to address hers. They proved that not all hope is lost, for there are people out there that care and understand and will stand by victims, no proof or evidence required.

These women went against societal female stereotypes of cattiness and competition in order to form one 'team' in solidarity. They showed understanding of the lessons our generation has been taught about rape and sexual assault, they showed no mercy and they showed that girl power is alive and well in 2016.

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