Slavery Is Legal In America: Why Companies Need Crime
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Slavery Is Legal In America: Why Companies Need Crime

Money makes the US go round.

Slavery Is Legal In America: Why Companies Need Crime
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"Black lives matter"

"No justice, no peace"


"Defund the police"


America is waking up to the racism it sustains — and systemic oppression is the perpetrator.

We hear these mantras, we support their words, but we have failed to see beyond the tip of the iceberg.

What does systemic oppression really mean? So, racism is embedded in the "system." Is this referring to the biases and prejudices that we've unintentionally internalized due to norms perpetuated by society? Does it just mean that America needs to become actively anti-racist so that minorities are no longer treated unequally? Because that's what it sounds like. This whole movement appears to call for individuals to look inside themselves and identify their own biases in order to eradicate the looming racism that still haunts this country. Unfortunately, systemic racism is not just something within our mental capacity.

This conspiracy is so much bigger than ourselves. It is conducted by the rich and powerful; orchestrated to engage our support without us even realizing. Systemic oppression as horrifically literal as it sounds: profit drives the system, and slavery is the engine.

Slavery was never abolished, it only changed form. The 13th amendment abolished slavery "except as a punishment for crime." This, as one can guess, means that it is legal for prisoners to be slaves. The prison industrial complex enables companies to profit from mass incarceration. Corporations are operating in prisons through the use of slave labor, effectively profiting from punishment.

Let that sink in: America's prisons are not just meant to help society by punishing criminals and protecting the public from their future actions. They are also meant to help giant businesses by providing them with labor that increases their financial profits. America's extremely rich benefit from the incarceration of other Americans — they want the number of people in jail to remain high so that they can financially profit from them.

Why do you think it feels like everything is illegal in America? The breadth of offenses punishable by jail time in the US is incomparable to that of other developed countries. It is because businesses need to fill the prison beds to increase their wealth.

No crime = no incarceration = no prison labor = no profit for these corporations.

They financially benefit from the imprisonment of others.

That is not okay. That should not sit right with you.

This introduction will be continued. The corruption must be exposed.

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