Where Is Bryce Laspisa?
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Where Is Bryce Laspisa?

The story of 19 year old boy who went missing near Castiac Lake in California.

Where Is Bryce Laspisa?

Bryce Laspisa was a 19 year old boy who was very excited to start his second year at Sierra College in Rocklin, California. He had just spent the whole summer with his parents, Mike and Karen Laspisa, and was very eager to continue his classes in both industrial and graphic design. Although he was excited to be back at school, his parents said that they had been receiving calls from Bryce's roommate and his girlfriend saying that he had been acting very strange.

Bryce had always been known as a very social person with a lot friends, so receiving these calls seemed very odd to his parents. His roommate, Sean, had told them that he had been drinking a lot of hard liquor and taking the ADHD medication Vyvanse to keep himself himself from falling asleep. Not only that, but Bryce was giving away his belongings, such as his Xbox and a pair of diamond earrings that his mother had given him.

His girlfriend, Kim, had also said that Bryce was not acting himself. She said that he had texted her and said that "she would be better off without him". After sending that text, he then showed up to her apartment in Chico, California and ended their relationship on August 28, 2013.

Kim reported that he didn't seem well enough to drive, but ended up returning his keys to him after speaking with his mother. He left her house at 11:30 PM and his mother received a phone call from him at 1 AM, and she assumed it was to tell her that he arrived back at his apartment. However, phone records show that he was an hour away from his apartment in the middle of nowhere.

The following morning at 11 AM on August 29th, his parents received a voicemail saying that Bryce had used roadside assistance at about 9 o'clock that morning. The charge on their credit card showed them that he was in Buttonwillow, California, which was only a few hours away from their home in Laguna Niguel. Seeing that he was so close to them, his parents assumed that he was on his way to their house.

Bryce had received service from Castro Tire and Truck, due to him being out of gas. Because Bryce received service at 9 AM and had still not arrived to their house by 11 AM, they sent the roadside assistance to go and see if he was still in the area. To his amazement, Bryce was still sitting there 3 hours after receiving roadside assistance. He spoke to his mother on the phone and after being asked what he was doing, he simply told her "nothing."

After speaking to his mother, Bryce was expected to arrive home at 3 PM. He never showed up. His mother kept calling him and he never picked up the phone. At this point, it had been 6 hours since anyone had heard from Bryce. They were able to track his phone, and it revealed that he had only moved 8 miles in 9 hours.

A police officer ended up checking on Bryce and performing a sobriety test. He passed it completely and nothing out of the ordinary was found in his car when he was searched. The police officer then instructed Bryce to call his parents to let them know that he was okay and he seemed very reluctant to do so, but eventually he did.

After still not arriving at his parents house, roadside assistance was sent again to see what is going on. Much to everyone's surprise, Bryce was still sitting in the same spot as he was before. At that point, he had been in Buttonwillow for over 13 hours. Roadside assistance then followed Bryce onto the interstate to make sure that he was heading in the right direction. His GPS stated that he was supposed to arrive at his parents house at 3:25 AM.

Bryce had reassured his parents that he would be home at 3:25 AM and not to worry, so they trusted him. His mom received a call from Bryce at 2:09 AM saying that he was too tired to continue driving and that he was going to pull over on the side of the road and sleep in his car. He only had a little more than an hour to go, but he claimed that he couldn't drive anymore. He was then supposed to arrive later on in the morning.

Unfortunately, Bryce never made it home. Police arrived at his parents house at 8 AM on August 30th saying that his car was found crashed near Castaic Lake in California, and he was nowhere to be found. His car was found on an access road leading to Castaic Lake Recreation Area, which is about 2 hours north of his parents house.

His car had went down a 25 foot bank and landed on its side at the bottom. There was a spot of blood on the passenger seat headrest and in the backseat; the back window was broken from the inside, indicating that he managed to get out of the car.

Even though Bryce was nowhere to be found, all of his belongings were in the car. Tire tracks were found at the top of the bank next to a cell tower, and they led down the bank towards the lake.

The tracks themselves indicated that there was speed involved and that he was purposefully trying to go towards the lake, which goes along with this odd behavior that occurred in the two weeks before. According to detectives, they believe that he was trying to commit suicide.

They immediately sent out search parties and scoped the area, but nothing came of it. Divers searched the lake for days and never found his body or any trace of him. Multiple blood hounds were able to track his scent to a truck stop on Castaic Road, but it stopped there. This indicates that he possibly got into a vehicle and drove away.

A camera on Lake Hughes Road captured his car going up the road at 2:15 AM, which is only 6 minutes after he last spoke with his mother. However, the same camera captured him going up the road again at 4:29 AM. The road is very long and it takes quite some time to make it back to the main road, which makes it very strange for him to be going back up a second time.

Even four years later, Bryce has still not been found. They still continue to search for him in hopes of at least finding a clue as to what happened to him. His parents have since started the Find Bryce Laspisa Facebook page in hopes of finding their son. If you happen to have any information that could possibly lead to finding Bryce, please call 949-292-4400.

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