Where Has Common Sense Gone?
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Where Has Common Sense Gone?

Wake Up People!!!!

Where Has Common Sense Gone?

In the last few days I have seen some crazy mixed up interactions that have left me to wonder where has common sense gone? Today (8/4/2017) I was on line at Chase Bank preparing to pay my credit card bill and a couple in front of me was there to cash in U.S. Savings Bonds. They were informed that they could only cash in 10 at a time and they got very upset. I thought how hard would it be for a bank representative to have them sit at a desk and then facilitate the cashing in of all their bonds. Good business is to make sure everyone who walks into your business leaves with a good feeling. The bank representative could have said that it will take a while because the couple had to sign each bond and each bond had to be tracked but that they would be happy to be of service to do this. Instead they were told we can only do 10 and you have to go to other branches or other banks. I finished my transaction and thought this is why I am only paying down a credit card with Chase.

I went to Citibank today (8/4/2017) and there was a guy paying a bill at the ATM with cash and was wondering what went wrong as his money kept getting stuck in the cash slot. Well he was trying to put bills in that he had folded the ends over on. Hello the ATM only takes flat bills. Then I witnessed a lady going in the line for non-customers when she was actually an account holder. I thought don't people read anymore as there was a sign in English, Creole, and Spanish the 3 most popular languages in South Florida.

I have come to realize that there are many uneducated people that walk among us and their actions have an adverse affect on those they come in contact with thus creating many challenges and stress. It comes down to the way things are and the way things should be are two different things. I recently went to a fast food restaurant and my bill came to $16.21 so I handed the person $21.21 because I wanted a $5 bill back. The lady taking my order and ringing me up couldn't understand what I was doing. I explained that I wanted a $5 bill back as $21.21 - $16.21 is $5. I thought wow that core curriculum is working wonders. A few weeks later I went back to the same restaurant armed with $2 bills to pay and was told we can't take those they are fake. They went as far as saying they would call the police. Again I thought how can people not know what a $2 bill is as it has been recirculating for many years. Come on people get with the program. Learn the basic principles of life and use common sense.

I have read so many articles in the last few weeks about people damaging a restaurant and causing damage then saying oh I didn't know it was wrong to do that. Hello, you go into a business like a restaurant they get your order wrong simply let them know calmly and get the issue solved. The other night I used Grub Hub and they forgot the marinara dipping sauce for my bread. Did I go off? No, I simply went without the sauce and ate the bread because getting mad and destroying things wasn't going to get me the sauce. Common sense tells us to choose our battles and think of consequences.

Unfortunately you can not fix stupid and today we have many people who are simply uneducated and unknowing who lack common sense and as a result are struggling in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. Our society has fallen into disarray because of the lack of common sense. People feel entitled to have things that they have not earned. There are so many examples as to the lack of common sense in our society today like the guy who robs a gas station at gun point and get shot by the storekeeper and blames the storekeeper. Hello you shouldn't have been trying to rob the store. We have lost our moral compass due to the lack of common sense and we have placed people in power positions that have made the situation worse. It is time to get back to using common sense and holding people accountable for their actions.

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