What to See in Bulgaria: 6 Beautiful Destinations
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What to See in Bulgaria: 6 Beautiful Destinations

For the adventurous traveler, Bulgaria is a paradise of endless possibilities.

What to See in Bulgaria: 6 Beautiful Destinations


For the adventurous traveler, Bulgaria is a paradise of endless possibilities. From awe-inspiring landscapes to powerful ancient sites and vibrant cities to winter ski retreats, Bulgaria provides an unforgettable experience for all! With its captivating beauty and profound history, this land of riches promises something for everyone - no matter what your preference may be.

Bulgaria is an incredible nation overflowing with awe-inspiring spots. We have curated a list of the top 6 ravishing places that you should visit in Bulgaria to get a glimpse into its vast and wonderful beauty. Prepare yourself for gorgeous sights, as this country will not cease to amaze you!


Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is a bustling metropolis full of exciting adventures and remarkable architecture. While it may not possess the same magnetism as Varna or Burgas, Sofia embodies an energetic atmosphere due to its combination of ancient sites such as Serdica Fort and St. George's Roman-Byzantine Church with imposing Stalinist civic edifices. Here you'll find unique experiences paired with warm hospitality — making Sofia a city worth visiting!

Steeped in a long-standing history, Sofia is the second oldest settlement in Europe and brims with cultural abundance. Its streets offer an array of activities like galleries, museums, parks and lively nightlife that make it the perfect destination for travelers seeking to explore something new!


Nestled in the south-central Bulgarian countryside, Plovdiv is an enchanting destination full of captivating attractions, iconic monuments and unique cultural experiences. When you visit this magical city, be sure to explore its many must-see sights!

Plovdiv is an open book of history and culture, with plenty to discover for the inquisitive traveler! Its museums, archaeological sites and unique landmarks offer unparalleled experiences. Make sure you check out some of Plovdiv's gems such as the Ancient Theatre of Plovdiv, its Ethnographic Museum and Architectural Reserve or Hisar Mosque - a must-see not to be missed!

If you're craving some excitement, Plovdiv has plenty of exterior activities to keep you entertained. Whether it's strolling through the picturesque Rhodope Mountains or taking a leisurely hike around Plovdiv's hills, there are numerous exhilarating opportunities to explore outside. Also enjoy Central Park and Youth Park for a tranquil and scenic opportunity to relax in nature.

Places to stay:

The Emporium Plovdiv


Boasting an array of alluring attractions, Varna—the third-largest city in Bulgaria along the Black Sea coast—is a fantastic destination for those who want to experience both traditional culture and modern luxury. The beautiful sandy beaches, warm waters, lively nightlife, and unforgettable cultural heritage make this seaside town truly irresistible - no wonder it's become so popular amongst adventurers looking to explore history while also indulging in some contemporary fun!

The beaches here are a star attraction - the seaside promenade is alive with seafood restaurants and cocktail bars to tantalise your taste buds. When evening hits, the energy of this city ascends as lively clubs line up right by the shoreline providing an unforgettable experience.

Veliko Tarnovo

In the heart of Bulgaria lies Veliko Tarnovo, a city rightly nicknamed "City of Tsars." Its grandeur dates back to the Second Bulgarian Empire and its many castles and historic sites served as capital for the kingdom. Though small in size, this town is an attractive destination for those passionate about culture or history.

Those seeking to explore Bulgaria's history will find a remarkable journey within the picturesque cobblestone lanes and half-timbered homes of Veliko Tarnovo. These enchanting monuments bring us back to the affluent days of The Second Bulgarian Empire, where we can marvel at their unique architectural style - known as The Tarnovo school - that still lives on today. Don't miss out on this opportunity to uncover some astonishing gems from Bulgaria’s cultural heritage!


Bansko, situated at the base of Bulgaria's Pirin Mountains, is a renowned ski destination celebrated for its amazing winter and summer activities. It boasts remarkable skiing conditions as well as many cultural attractions such as The Church of St. Nicholas, Old Town pedestrian zone, and Vihren Fortress - offering an unforgettable experience to everyone who visits. Those seeking adventure can also enjoy thrilling outdoor activities like mountain biking rafting or horseback riding! There truly is something for everyone in this beautiful Bulgarian resort town.

Places to stay:

Lucky Bansko Aparthotel


Nestled in the Balkan Mountains, Zheravna is a stunning showcase of Bulgaria's much-celebrated National Revival architectural style. From its rugged stone construction to its intricately-crafted timber facades and abundance of Bosnian pines and white elms, this rural town overflows with rustic charm. Step into Zheravna and be mesmerized by the beauty that surrounds you!

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in Bulgarian culture and history by visiting August Dobromiritsa Rural Park! This park is brimming with thrilling music events, traditional costume displays, and other unforgettable experiences that will give you a unique glimpse of Bulgaria like never before. Make sure your next vacation includes this one-of-a-kind destination for an experience unlike any other!

Take the voyage of a lifetime through Bulgaria's stunning terrain, and you'll be left with memories to cherish forever. From marveling at its exquisite beauty to delving into its intriguing history, make sure that your itinerary includes some of Bulgaria's most splendid places for an epic adventure!

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