What You Should Definitely Pack for Freshman Year

This summer has just barely begun, and I already have had moms of incoming freshmen asking me what they should buy for college. The list could go on for ages, but I narrowed down the ten most important things I packed for my freshman year of college.

A Good Laptop

Just invest in a good one so your roommate doesn't have to bail you out 85 times.


I can't tell you how many times I had to bail people out freshman year because their laptop broke on them. It's worth the investment because if you treat it well, it will last you throughout college and possibly even afterward! Look at Best Buy for student discounts during the summer. I got $500 off my order simply because I was a student.

Shower Shoes

It doesn't matter what type of shoe you get. It only matters that you have shoes on.


College showers are disgusting, many times not being cleaned for days at a time. Going in there without something to protect your feet will result in something nasty probably growing between your toes. Buy a cheap pair of flip flops, crocs, or legit shower shoes from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Trust me.

A Rolling Laundry Basket

Along with clothing, this bad boy can carry 49 library books across campus at 1am!


The wheels are the most important feature of a good laundry basket in college. You'll be grateful you don't have to carry your heavy basket all the way to the laundry room as you watch others struggle to do so. A plus is that they help make move-in easier with their wheels.

Mattress Topper

I didn't get a mattress topper until sophomore year, big mistake.


Freshmen have the worst dorms; everyone knows that. It's no surprise that their beds are not the most comfortable things in the world. I recommend buying a mattress topper to save yourself from a sore back.

Power Strip

The more cords the merrier!


These are always handy to have around. Hopefully, you won't be like me and only have one plug on your side of the room, but you never know. Try to get one that is flat when plugged in the wall so you can plug it in behind desks or your bed without a large gap blocking your way.

A Printer (With a USB Cable)

This will save you so much walking and time, trust me.


University printers are notorious for not printing when you need them the most. Save yourself the headache and invest in a cheap printer to keep in your dorm room. Make sure you get a USB cable to directly plug it into your laptop, so you don't have to fight with the university Wi-Fi that everyone is trying to connect to.

Shower Caddy

Make sure to not lose this!


Showers are usually not connected to your dorm room, meaning that you have to lug your toiletries up and down the hall every time you want to shower. It's super useful to have something to carry everything in. You can find these at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or any other store similar to it.

A Fan

This bad boy has saved my life on more than one occasion.


A Small travel sized fan is a great thing to have, especially at the beginning of the semester. The air conditioning may not be that great (if you even have it) in the freshman dorms. A fan may not cool you off completely, but it's still better than nothing. Plus it makes great background noise to drown out your loud neighbors!

Desk Lamp

Succulent not included.


Dorm room lighting isn't the brightest. Usually, there's only one light in the ceiling, causing your eyes to strain when trying to read. Get a cheap desk lamp to make reading so much easier on your eyes.


You probably won't need 60 pairs but still...


Freshman dorms often have walls that are paper thin, which can make it hard to sleep. Invest in a good pair of earplugs or a pack of cheap ones to help you fall asleep quickly. Even if you don't have noisy neighbors, your roommate may snore, and you'll be glad you have something to block out the noise.

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