What to consider when choosing a Neck Pendant?
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What to consider when choosing a Neck Pendant?

A pendant is a piece of jewelry that is suspended from something. This is often a chain or bracelet. At the same time, in the last decade, when we talk about a pendant, we mean a product that is hung on a chain. For the bracelet, jewelry designers have invented charm - a special version of the pendant.

What to consider when choosing a Neck Pendant?

The suspension comes in different shapes and can have different meanings. The most popular design variations of pendants: pendant, cross, icon.

Jewelers call a pendant a piece of jewelry that is inlaid with a precious or mineral stone. The pendant is hung on a short chain or string.

The cross is a religious decoration that has an important symbolic meaning for the Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant beliefs. A pectoral cross is usually given during the ordinance of baptism. However, there are already adults who buy themselves a new cross or choose for a gift.

The icons are predominantly oval in shape. An image of the Saint is placed on the front side of the decoration. These can be the main Saints, for example, the Virgin Mary, Nicholas the Wonderworker, Panteleimon the Healer. There are also icons that have an image of a particular patron. In particular, Oksana and Ksenia wear the image of Ksenia of Petersburg. The patron saint is usually appointed by the holy father during the sacrament of baptism, but often people choose their own protectors.

There are also pendants that carry symbolic meaning for a person personally. They can have a shape that means more to a person than just a piece of jewelry. Most often, in the jewelry market, you can buy a jewelry pendant that has the following forms:

  • •The symbol of the zodiac sign under which the person was born;
  • •A letter, usually the first letter of a person's name (Cyrillic or Latin);
  • •A charm bead of various shapes, which is not suspended, but strung on a chain;
  • •Necklace - an elegant and thin chain with precious and semi-precious stones;
  • •On the fishing line there is an ornament on monofilament, which is almost invisible, due to which only a pendant, usually inlaid with precious stones, is visible.

Jewelers advise to choose pendants carefully, because such jewelry immediately catches the eye. In order not to get into a mess, listen to the main rules for choosing a pendant from jewelry designers. Jewelers advise taking into account the metal, the insert, the shape of the product.


Any piece of jewelry is made of precious metals: gold or silver. Pendants can also be found in gold or silver. The metal of the pendants is chosen solely for aesthetic and personal preferences and tastes. If you know that there is a possibility of an allergic reaction, then it is better to choose a silver pendant . In other cases, most buyers choose gold as it is considered a classic. Choosing between gold and silver, buyers often think about the breakdown of the metal.

The fineness of precious metals depends on the ratio of gold (silver) and alloys in the final product. Most often you can find silver in 925 standard, and gold in 375 and 585 standard. In the jewelry market, 750 gold is also in demand, but for such a piece of jewelry, this alloy will be too soft.

The color of the silver pendants depends on the processing of the item. You can find jewelry in its pure form or with an additional gold plating, that is, gilding (red or lemon).

The color of gold pendants depends on the alloy used by the jewelers. For example, in red gold, most of the alloy is copper. Pendants in the Golden Age are available in the following colors:

Red - the classic color of gold, from which most jewelry pendants are made;

The white color of the metal symbolizes elegance and sophistication, so it looks beautiful with precious or semi-precious stones;

Lemon or yellow - a bold color for bright and extraordinary personalities, which is combined with minerals of bright and rich shades or with decorative inserts of the same color;

Combined - an interesting option for those who cannot decide between silver and gold or between red and white.

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