What Dog Breed You Should Adopt Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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What Dog Breed You Should Adopt Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Because obviously those two things correlate...

What Dog Breed You Should Adopt Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A dog brings happiness and joy into almost any home they are brought into. Some dogs may even appear to look like their owners or match their personality perfectly.

Along with that, your zodiac sign actually has a huge impact on what kind of dog is best for you. Well, maybe not, but here’s a list anyway of what dog breed I think you should adopt, based on what your astrological sign is.

If you’re an Aries…

You’re honest, a natural leader, and know exactly what you want in life. That’s why a Beagle would be perfect for you. Both you and your Beagle always seem to voice your opinions (even when people didn’t necessarily ask for them). Also, just like you, a Beagle takes time to trust someone, but once they do they’ll never leave your side.

If you're a Taurus...

The symbol for a Taurus is a bull, which is why a Bullmastiff is the perfect dog for you. This breed may appear intimidating from far away, but up close they’re really just big cuddlebugs with the most squishable faces. Similar to you, a Bullmastiff is loyal, protective, and devoted. You and your dog would look after each other until the end of time, which I just think is really beautiful.

If you're a Gemini...

You probably can change your mood at the drop of a hat, but everyone still loves to be around you. That is why a Chihuahua is the perfect dog for you. Chihuahuas can appear loving and cute, but in a millisecond, they’ll just start barking and nipping at you for no reason. Chihuahuas think they are the royalty of dogs and must be treated as such, which reflects a Gemini’s self-confidence. Your Chihuahua would encourage you to treat yourself and buy that Michael Kors bag, but only so they could sit in it of course.

If you’re a Cancer…

You probably are used to having many friends because people just adore your generosity and caring personality. Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog breed, which is why one would be your match. Everyone loves you, everyone loves your dog. It really is a win-win situation. Only a lab could always match your friendliness toward other people.

If you’re a Leo…

Your strength and overall badass personality could only be met with a Siberian Husky. Huskies were bred to withstand the harsh, freezing winters so they can live through anything, just like you. Plus, their piercing blue eyes just scream fierce, right? Huskies are outgoing and hard-working and would only want to help you obtain all of the awesome goals that you have in your life.

If you’re a Virgo…

People have probably told you countless times how stubborn you are- and you don’t really care what they have to say. Someone as confident and brash as you needs a dog like a Dachshund. Yes, weiner dogs seem cute and cuddly and all, but get on their bad side and watch out because they will fight anyone and anything. A Dachshund is perfect for you because you both know what you want and when you want it- no task is impossible for such a determined pair.

If you’re a Libra…

Similar to Cancers, many people are attracted to the caring, yet charming vibe you give off. A Great Dane would be the perfect dog to match your kind personality. They aren’t called gentle giants for no reason. Great Danes are one of the most affectionate dog breeds and even though they may not fit in your lap, doesn’t mean they won’t try.

If you’re a Scorpio…

You may be described as hotheaded by some, but also described as passionate and devoted by those who really know you. That’s why a Pit Bull is the dog for you. Scorpios seem to get a bad rap compared to other astrological signs, as do Pit Bulls. But ask any Pit Bull owner about their dog and they would go on for hours and hours about how adorable and loving pitties really are. Only a misunderstood zodiac sign like yourself could show the world the truth about those “ferocious” kill-you-with-kisses Pit Bulls.

If you’re a Sagittarius…

You’re spontaneous and unpredictable, which is why a Corgi is your puppy match. Corgis bring the dog park party to life with their cute, tiny legs and wiggly butts, which is why they would be the perfect companion to a fun-loving person like yourself. There is never a dull moment with a Corgi, as they are super playful and energetic. Just like you, they just came here to have a good time, (but, unlike Nick Jonas, they are definitely not feeling so attacked right now.)

If you’re a Capricorn…

You are one of the most introverted and calm zodiac signs which is totally fine because the equally quiet and reserved Greyhound is perfect for you. Greyhounds also need their space from time to time, but when they’re ready to be loved they will refuse to leave your side. Greyhounds also nap the day away, so a busybody Capricorn like yourself could work all day and come home to receive some much-needed loving afterward.

If you’re an Aquarius…

Your creativity and independence are your greatest virtues. Because of that, a Chow Chow would be the perfect match for you. Chow Chows are also very independent, with some people even describing them as more similar to cats than dogs. While an Aquarius has difficulty expressing emotions sometimes, your dog would never expect anything less from you than a little head pat and a nose boop from time to time.

If you’re a Pisces...

People are drawn to your kindness and friendly personality, which is why you should adopt a Pug. Pugs are playful and always down to socialize, just like you. Plus, they’re just super funny to sit and watch because they’re so charming and fun-loving. And a pug is definitely a conversation starter among the friends and strangers you meet, with their random (yet sadly, health-induced) wheezing, snorting, and screeching.

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