What Abortion Means To Me
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What Abortion Means To Me As Someone Who Was Adopted

My biological parents could have aborted me, but instead, they put me up for adoption.

What Abortion Means To Me As Someone Who Was Adopted

Disclaimer: I have the right to my own opinion and you do too. If you do not care about why I do not believe in abortions, then don't read my article. Since I got that out of the way, I just want to start off by saying that this topic is personal for me.

If you have read my articles before or just know me in general, then you know that I am adopted. I have been adopted since before I was even born. I am so blessed to have great parents who have always love and supported me. However, it was not always like that.

I had a mother and a father who did not want me because they could not financially or emotionally have a child. Hence, me being adopted. Before the thought of adoption even occurred, my birth mother thought about abortion.

It is hard to even think about how my life could have ended before I even took my first breath. I wonder all the time why she chose adoption over abortion. I know that she has had abortions before so, what was with different with me?

Abortion hits home for me because I was so close to it happening to me. So the thought of someone having an abortion because they can't financially afford a baby fires me up. That is what adoption is for.

If you want an abortion because you just do not want a baby, then you should have taken the necessary steps before sex. Birth control is free. Abstinence is free. You can even get condoms for free. I can sit here and argue all day about why I think abortion bad and avoidable. However, there are special circumstances that I do believe in.

I do not 100% believe in these special circumstances but I think they need to be reviewed by a doctor or somebody in charge. It is not my right to say what is right and wrong. Maybe a judge could. The special circumstances that I believe in are rape, incest, and if it will hurt the baby or the mother.

In my opinion, two wrongs do not make a right. However, I do not believe you should carry a baby that is half of the man that raped you. I could never support rape in any way. If you raised that baby, you would just remember the day and the man and I do not think anyone should have to do that, but at the same time, I still believe in adoption for that baby.

I think rape is one of the circumstances that I think should be reviewed by a therapist. The therapist would be there for emotional support and to help the mother give birth to the baby.

On the other hand, I believe abortion is necessary in cases of incest. Incest leads to all kinds of health problems for the baby. It leads to effective, cognitive, physical, and behavioral symptoms. I do not believe a baby should have to go through all those different consequences because of sexual activity between family members.

Lastly, I believe in abortion if it will hurt the baby or the mother. If the baby has something wrong with it and the chances of death are way too high and the mother decides that she wants to abort the baby before it is born, then it is her's and the fathers choice to do so. I think this is a special case that needs to be reviewed by the doctor.

The doctor should also believe that the baby has no chance of living or that if the baby is born then it will be in pain all the time. I do not believe in a baby being born just to be in pain its whole life. The baby will never get to live anyways.

I also believe in abortion if it will harm the mother. I believe this should be the mothers choice. However, I think it should also be reviewed by a doctor. The doctor would have to confirm that it would harm the mother other than normal circumstances. The mother should have the right to say if she would rather deliver her baby or end her own life.

All in all, I do not believe in abortion if it is for stupid reasons or for methods of birth control. I think that everyone could get a job, adopt, or use protection from the very beginning. There are many different ways to be safe. Birth control, condoms, and abstinence is free.

I think that if females are worried about having a baby, then they need to use measures to not have a baby in the first place. With that being said, I believe in abortion only under special circumstances. The special circumstances that I believe in are rape, incest, and if it will hurt the baby or the mother.

I also believe that everyone has the right to their own opinions in life. This is just my own opinion that I believe in as a millennial female living in the state of Alabama.

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