Wearing A Wig, Weave, Or Braids Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Love My Natural Hair

Wearing A Wig, Weave, Or Braids Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Love My Natural Hair

Sincerely, a black woman who LOVES her natural hair.


As some of you may know based on my previous articles, I switched back to my natural hair after 8 years of chemically straightening it. Over the course of 7 months, I started to love myself more and embrace my natural curls. I was really proud of my decision and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Arielle Lewis Arielle Lewis

However, maintaining my hair routine was so much work, and let's be real, I'm extremely lazy when it comes to hair. I've always been. No one has the time to have their arms up in the air for a long period of time trying to tame their hair. The outcome looks amazing, and you can tell that I put so much time and effort into it.

But my laziness always gets in the way, and I am always in a rush. Before the big chop, I would wear box braids in my hair for the majority of the year simply because of their ease to style. Box braids meant I didn't have to worry about parting my hair and combing and brushing. I wouldn't have to worry about styling or ever having a bad hair day. As a college student, I didn't have the time to be worrying about my hair every day because I had other priorities. I wanted something that I could just wash and go without worrying about twisting.

Arielle Lewis Arielle Lewis

But the purpose of this article was to address people who have ZERO knowledge on dealing with natural hair, and for those people to stop ASSUMING that we wear weaves, wigs, and braids because we "hate" our natural hair. Let me tell you one thing.

Just because I am wearing styles that cover my natural hair, DOESN'T mean I am any less natural.

When people assume things like this, I get annoyed since many people don't understand what it's like to have my hair texture.

As I said, I love my hair, but sometimes, you just need a break from always fighting with your hair. That's the downside of having kinky hair: it's tough to manage. It's okay to throw on a wig and start your day because they are easier to manage.

I know what ignorant question is probably going on in your head: "Why don't you just straighten your hair?" Well, that makes no sense, because I'd basically be starting all over again after I just chopped my hair off and went natural. Why would I volunteer to get heat damage again?

The reason why us women enjoy wearing different styles is the versatility. We can wear our natural hair one day and wear straight, long and fake hair the next without having to damage our real hair. We like to switch it up often and wear styles that work well for us.

The styling possibilities are endless, in fact. You're less likely to have a bad hair day because the style is going to be the same. Plus, it overall gives my hair a chance to relax from the constant twisting and styling.

Another reason why we love protective styles is that they save a whole lot of money. I'd rather pay $120 for wigs and braids that will last for a few months rather than spend $20 a week on hair products and accessories that don't last long. That sounds like a good deal to me.

Arielle Lewis

The MAIN reason why I prefer these protective styles is they allow my natural hair to grow underneath. If you comb your hair constantly, your strands are more likely to fall out, whereas with a protective style, your hair gets a chance to grow out because of not combing and stretching. Every time I take my braids out, my hair grows about 2 inches longer--which is a lot of hair, if you believe me.

So yes, going natural last year made me feel free again, but after a while, it's nice to switch it up. I can now do my hair in 5 minutes rather than 5 hours.

This doesn't mean that we don't like ourselves. Wearing wigs doesn't make me any less natural, and I am a proud black woman regardless.

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5 Wedding Hairstyles For The Bride With Rapunzel-Like Hair

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More often than not, Rapunzel-like ladies are frightened of getting excessively hair covering the front of her face under the cloak. Being too wild is likewise one issue, so some resort into getting it trimmed or abbreviated for the event. However, that shouldn't be the situation.

Here are a couple of beyond any doubt methods for wearing your long hair upon the arrival of the wedding without the need of shedding a couple of inches.

1. Lay it down straight


Got lovely, stick straight and impeccably gleaming hair? Display it out and don't let the cover out sparkle it. Get a headband type tiara to help shield the strands from straying into your face as you state "I do."

Ensure that your hair won't choke you as the breeze blows or be snared in the beading subtleties of the outfit. Check if the length of the hair won't barge in the outfit's trimmed or style.

2. One-sided


Breadth the majority of your locks to the other side, contingent upon which side you believe you are most OK with. Just the ladies with long bolts can pull off this look. Extra adornments like a little tiara brush or blossoms can be added to the haircut to give it a little edge and energy.

The hair can be prodded for more volume or twisted at the base for a progressively fantastic look.

3. Sensational twists


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5. The exemplary bun


Definitely, a major bun over the lady of the hour's hair delegated with a complex wedding tiara is everything necessary. Indeed, long hair might be a waste on the off chance that just kept covered up at the same time, envision the conceivable outcomes all on the grounds that the beauticians inspire a great deal of material to work with.

With the likelihood of interlaces, twirls, circles, prodding and weaving the look of the bun won't be much the same as some other out there. Matched with crowns and tiaras folded over the bun, this great lady of the hour look has been the one you've been longing for since age six.

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