Was Bella Thorne Wrong To Take Nudes?
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Was Bella Thorne Wrong To Take Nudes?

Bella Thorne stands as a reminder to young girls everywhere that anyone anywhere can access one's nude pictures if taken.

Was Bella Thorne Wrong To Take Nudes?

In case you aren't up to speed on everything that is happening with Bella Thorne right now, let me bring you up to speed. A few weeks ago, Bella Thorne exposed that a hacker had taken possession of her nude photos and videos that she had saved on her phone. She decided to post the nude pictures on Twitter beating the hacker to the punch. After the photos had of course gone viral online, The View decided to discuss this issue on one of their previous episodes. Whoopi Goldberg called out Thorne for being unsafe as a celebrity. Goldberg expressed her opinions on the scandal and basically said that since Thorne is famous, she should not be taking nude photos

This scandal has sparked a huge conversation about taking nudes amongst millennials. On one hand, Bella should be careful with her media because she has such a huge following. However on the other hand, Bella was extremely brave to post the pictures of herself on Twitter before her hacker could. In a lot of ways, I think that Bella accepted the situation and knew that her nudes would be leaked regardless. It seems that this was more of a method for Bella to regain power over the situation.

It would be so embarrassing to have pictures like that leaked. While it may not be the smartest move that the young actress could have made, it is one hundred percent within her rights to take nude pictures of herself. It is never okay for anyone to expose and blackmail any person in this way. Bella should have been wary of securing nudes. However, Whoopi did make an excellent point about how Bella should have considered the technology that allows hackers into the Cloud.

Overall, it comes down to being prepared for the consequences. Bella did not, in my opinion, deserve to be blackmailed at all, however she should have taken more precautions considering her fame. In an emotional snapchat video, Bella spoke out to Whoopi saying, "Shame on you Whoopi".

This brings up such a big lesson for mostly younger girls growing up around these very public scandals involving their idols. It is not a crime to take nudes, however it is extremely risky. For many girls growing up, they may see situations like this one and think that it couldn't happen to them. Sadly, child pornography has taken a huge leap in popularity in the past couple years. There are so many hackers and perverts that elicit nude photographs of young girls. With the ever-growing social media sector, children are more exposed than ever to child pornography.

It truly only takes a few seconds for nude pictures to blow up online, famous or not. Internet safety, is the biggest issue here. Making sure that young adults know the risks of taking nude pictures is extremely critical in 2019. Bella Thorne stands as a reminder to young girls everywhere that anyone anywhere can access nude pictures if you take them.

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