Walmart Removes Greeter Position From Stores
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Walmart Is Taking A Step Backwards, Harming Disability Representation

We need to be more vocal about this issue.

Walmart Is Taking A Step Backwards, Harming Disability Representation

Disability representation in society is a major human rights issue today. Actually, it's been an issue for decades, but has barely gotten any attention until recently. Yet, despite the amped up attention, we are still seeing major injustices occurring against people with disabilities.

One of these injustices is all thanks to Walmart.

Although Walmart has never been my favorite store to shop at (I'm much more of a Target girl), I've recently started going there more often when I just need to do a quick run to the store. I actually go there so often that I always recognize the greeter sitting in his wheelchair at the front of the store, always ready to greet me with a smile.

Which is why I am appalled to learn that Walmart is going to be eliminating greeters, targeting people with disabilities and making it difficult for them to keep their jobs at the chain stores.

Come April, over 1,000 Walmart stores will be getting rid of the greeter job, replacing them customer hosts who will have more responsibilities that may not be accessible for someone with a disability. The customer host job will require workers to be able to "lift 25 pounds, clean up spills, collect carts and stand for long periods of time," making it near impossible for workers with disabilities to be hired for the position.

Walmart and other stores should be amping up available positions for employees with disabilities, not getting rid of them. People with disabilities face a lot of difficulty trying to find jobs that cater to their needs.

And businesses are sleeping on how crucial people with disabilities are to the workforce. Workers with disabilities tend to have a higher job retention rate, often get in less work related accidents, and are just as capable as anyone else.

Plus, these people need to make a living too. The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is typically over 70%, an alarming statistic that shows that disability representation is still a major issue in the world that is negatively affecting thousands of people.

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