Every senior knows the struggle. You are so ready to be finished, but not quite. You still have to get into college and figure out your life. What if I don't get accepted to a school? Am I going to become a hermit and live with my parents for the rest of my life? What if I don't get accepted to my dream school and all of my dreams are crushed? Literally me for 2 months waiting for a college decision... Hopefully some of you had the exact same experience.

I applied Early Decision to my school, so everything was turned in on November first. From the second I hit the "submit application" button, I was instantly nervous. The feeling would not go away, and my mind immediately covered every possible scenario as to how the situation could play out. Most of which included me not getting in. Way to have confidence, right? The waiting and the nerves only got worse. Decisions were supposed to be released "mid-December." What the heck does that mean? You didn't give my neurotic, over-analytical brain enough information, home dog. Are we talking, like, December 10th...15...22nd?

A month came and went. Miserably slow, I might add. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked, "have you gotten your acceptance letter yet?" Their questions were greeted with nervous laughs and smiles that accurately represented my internal mental state. December 18th arrived...finally. Though, as I woke up that morning, I wasn't sure if I wanted to find out, or if I wanted to crawl in a whole with a giant bag of goldfish, some sweet tea, and never come out. Luckily I had things to distract me. I am on a competitive dance team, which takes up most of my evenings. Ask anyone who saw me, I looked like a chihuahua getting ready to wet its' pants. My dance teacher actually took my phone so that I would stop refreshing the admissions page, and told me I wasn't allowed to look for an hour. (I'm actually grateful that she did because I was honestly refreshing the page like 20 times per minute and my phone battery was declining about as fast as my mental condition.) I paced for a good twenty minutes and I'm almost positive there's an indent in the floor.

Refreshing the admissions page is one of the most satisfying moments of senior year. I cried tears of joy. I actually get to go to my dream school. The feeling of all of your hard work paying off is so satisfying, and you can go through the rest of the year without the worry and stress of college decisions.