Satire | Using Church To Manipulate State
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Satire | Using Church To Manipulate State

Opinion | King Donald Of Orange, The Doll Handed

Satire | Using Church To Manipulate State
Crystal Van Houtte

The United States Of America is falling apart at the seams. The citizens are constantly inundated with news of treason and scandal in the highest level of government, while their constitutional and human rights continue to diminish on a daily basis.

Since the regime of "King Donald Of Orange, The Doll Handed " has assumed power under suspicious circumstances, the administration has been flagrantly ignoring the Constitution.

"King Donald Of Orange, The Doll Handed " began to build his makeshift autocracy with sycophants willing to pledge their undying loyalty to him and him alone. He scoured the land for the nations most despicable members of the Alt-Right movement to place as his counsel.

"King Donald Of Orange, The Doll Handed " began firing off unhinged posts on Twitter at all times of the day and night directed at anyone that challenged his makeshift dictatorship. As he continued to hire unqualified citizens for positions within his regime, people began to realize that the most important government institutions were being gutted one by one.

"King Donald Of Orange, The Doll Handed " issued his royal decree that all government institutions were bound by a gag order and no longer allowed to use social media to share information paid for by the public, with the public.

The protests that have been raging across the country began to displease "King Donald Of Orange, The Doll Handed. " He began to publicly criticize the United States Constitution. This was an obvious attempt to convince the dumbest of American citizens that destroying their only guarantee of human and civil rights was in their best interest

"King Donald Of Orange, The Doll Handed " vowed to destroy the "Johnson Amendment" which prohibits non-profit churches from endorsing or opposing a political candidate. He began this destruction when he signed an executive order on religious freedom on National Prayer Day earlier this year.

"King Donald Of Orange, The Doll Handed " and his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos have vowed to use the education system to "Advance God's Kingdom." Anyone that has been paying attention, knows that "King Donald Of Orange, The Doll Handed " is about as far away from legitimately following Christian mandate, as the Dali Lama is from being a money hungry capitalist Martian.

"King Donald Of Orange, The Doll Handed " was compared to God in Alt-Right mailers and in meme's in religious paid troll groups online. While citizens that follow the true teachings of Christ were labeled the enemy by his treasonous regime and his supporters. Some of his supporters even went as far as to publicly criticize NPR on twitter when NPR posted the U.S. Declaration of Independence on July fourth, 2017. These sycophants were failed by the public education system.

On a very serious note, this country is in danger of having what little freedoms its citizens have left destroyed by Christian Alt-Right Extremists under the guise of merging church and state. These people have committed treason to reach their current positions. These people care only for power and profit. These people do not follow the teachings of the God they claim to represent. These people are using loyalty to God to justify committing human and civil rights violations. Do not be fooled. There was a reason our country's founders saw fit to draw a clear line of separation between church and state.

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