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    I'm one person with a million things to say, the problem is I'm not too good at actually saying it. So, hello. I suppose a bio is meant to help people get to know me and somehow persuade you to read my articles. Well I have yet to master the art of mind control, and the idea doesn't hold much appeal for me anyway, so only read if you want to. I guess there are some things that are good to know about me, to start off, as can be read a bit higher on the screen my name's Zev Anbar. Honestly I'm just not that interesting of a person. I was born February 25th 1998 in Syracuse, New York. My dad had to go around the neighborhood and pay someone to plow the driveway when my mom went into labor because there had been a storm the night before and the usual plow guy was busy. For 17 years, I lived in Syracuse all my plans centered around the snow and those months where the world outside was just an unpainted canvas and the air felt sharp as it hit your lungs. It was in this place of ever-changing scenery and childhood stability, that I lost myself. But it's also where I found myself. Little over a year ago now, my parents decided it was time for a change and so we moved to San Diego. One year later and I've finished high school and am attending college at Cal State San Marcos. I suppose I can't just leave a bio off there without mentioning things I'm interested in. I'm a rather simple kid, I like to read and scroll through social media. My music taste is...varied but I don't really listen for long amounts of time unless I'm writing. I love writing, it is very much my reason for being alive and I don't know where I'd be without it. My dream is to, one day, finish up the novel I've been working on since 10th grade and have it published. Honestly I just wish, that all my days could be spent writing. So, that's it. Hope you've learned some things about me, and if you decide to read them, hope you enjoy the articles.

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