21 Views of Ireland That Will Make You Want To Go Thtere
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21 Unbelievable Views That Will Convince You To Take A Summer Vacation In Ireland

If you ever go to Ireland, these places are a must

21 Unbelievable Views That Will Convince You To Take A Summer Vacation In Ireland

Last May, I took an incredible journey around Ireland. Everywhere was a scenic and green sight to see that carried a large weight of history and mythology. I saw so many places but couldn't see all of them (a time-inconvenience forced us to cut out the Blarney Stone visit, but it did create an excuse to go return someday.)

In Ireland, I experienced so many great areas that for anyone who plans or wishes to go to Ireland themselves, here are some places that I highly recommend.

This is a list of 21 beautiful places to visit in Ireland.

1. Dublin Castle - Dublin

Dublin Castle


Right in the middle of Ireland's big city of Dublin is the Dublin castle. We weren't able to go in but it's still beautiful to look at the outside!

2. St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral


As a historically Christian country, Ireland has some majestic cathedrals such as St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin. The church features some incredible art and artifacts and is where famous Irish author Jonathan Swift is buried at.

3. Guinness Factory - Dublin

The Guinness Factory


Beer is obviously a big part of Irish culture, and Guinness is its signature beer. The Guinness Factory in Dublin is more than just a dull museum about the beer's history, but has so many entertaining electronics and animatronics! Not to mention free beer at the top!

4. Kilkenny Gardens



No, not "OH MY GOD THEY KILLED KENNY! YOU BASTARDS!" but the small town in Ireland that happens to have a castle, nice pubs and a bridge where one Irish man took off his clothes and jumped into the pond.

5. Rock of Cashel

Rock of Cashel


A remarkable castle that takes you back to medieval times.

6. The Ring of Kerry - Kerry

Ring of Kerry


The Ring of Kerry is a circular route taken throughout the county of Kerry where you'll witness some incredible sights. Also on one of the distant islands near The Ring is where they filmed Luke Skywalker's scenes in the last two Star Wars movies!!!

7. Ross Castle - Killarney

Ross Castle


When entering the Ross Castle, you can take a horse carriage ride through a beautiful path in forest of Killarney.

8. Dingle Peninsula

Cows of Dingle!


The Dingle Peninsula has more beautiful sights and cows!

9. Fanhan Beehive Huts - Dingle



Monks actually went up these mountains and made stone hives to survive and camp there somehow. But the best part? Sheep!

10. Trump International Golf Links & Hotel

Trump International Golf Course



11. Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher


Arguably the most beautiful sight in all of Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher definitely lives up the breathtaking expectations with its large scope and spectacle. Be very careful though when walking near the cliffs.

12. Galway City Museum - Galway

Padraic O'Conaire


A humble statue of legendary Irish writer Padraic O'Conaire is placed at the entrance of the Galway city museum which features many fascinating historical items and nearby is a nice dock with swans and ducks.

13. St. Nicholas's Collegiate Church

St. Nick's Church


Legend has it that Christopher Columbus himself visited this church before making his journey to the West (Columbus still sucks though.) This church, however, is another great religious place to visit.

14. McCarrick & Sons Real Estate - Tubbercurry

McCarrick & Son's Real Estate


Finally! I met a McCarrick outside my family! Come visit and get great real estate!

15. Knock Shrine - County Mayo

Knock Shrine


The Knock Shrine is a wonderful scene of churches and religious celebrations as witnesses claim to have seen the spirit of the Virgin Mary there.

16. Belleek Castle - Mayo County

The Lord of Belleek Castle, Reece!


For one night, my family and I managed to stay the night at the hauntingly beautiful Belleek Castle. A tour of the castle inside and outside shows hundreds of incredible historical objects and the bedrooms themselves look like they come from the Palace of Versailles. Also meet The Lord of the House, Reece the dog!

17. Giant's Causeway - Bushmills

I'm King of The World!


Legend has it that Giant's Causeway was made in the footsteps of giants. Not only do you get to take a bus downhill to walk on the unique stone steps, but you look up and see the majestic hill above.

18. Dunluce Castle - Bushmills

Dunluce Castle


A beautiful ancient castle in Bushmills that hearkens back to old times.

19. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge - Ballintoy

Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge


The Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge is a thrilling and incredible experience with as many scenic views around as anywhere in Ireland. Don't look down when crossing!

20. The Dark Hedges - Ballymoney

The Dark Hedges


In Ballymoney is a road called The Dark Hedges which has hundreds of twisted trees at the side. At night, it looks like something out of Gothic fiction. In fact, a scene from Game of Thrones was filmed there. Also look out for cows!

21. Titanic Museum - Belfast

Titanic Museum


You may not know that the Titanic was built and sent off to America in Ireland before meeting it's tragic fate. The relatively new Titanic museum is a wonderful exploration to the most famous and infamous ship ever made. The details and aspects of the making of the ship, the tragedy of the sinking and the huge impact aftermath are all fantastic.

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