TV Recommendations: Netflix Originals
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TV Recommendations: Netflix Originals

I've watched 42 Netflix originals so you don't have to.

TV Recommendations: Netflix Originals

Since my family got Netflix years ago, I've entertained myself by watching many of the shows it has to offer. I know how tedious it can be to choose what you want to watch next, so I'm here to help. I've given each show I've seen (excluding reality tv) a score out of 10 along with some additional information. Hopefully this may help ease your Netflix viewing woes. (Update: I have tried my best to include trigger warnings for shows I remember deal with sensitive topics at some point. I'm sure I forgot some though, so please make sure to look them up if you are concerned before watching)

1. One Day at a Time

(Trigger Warning: depression, PTSD, anxiety-related disorders, substance abuse disorder) 3 generations of the Alvarez family live in the same apartment, and lots of hijinks ensue, especially with their building manager Schneider.

Number of seasons so far: 3 (on Netflix but 1 more on Pop)

Score: 10/10- This show is so relevant and so hilarious.

2. The Umbrella Academy

Based on a comic book, this show is the story of the lives of 7 adoptive siblings who each have their own unique power.

Number of seasons so far: 1 (upcoming season July 31)

Score: 8/10- A pretty solid show, I've just forgotten stuff about it but did remember how annoying some of the main characters are.

3. The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia

A teen genius moves in with her uncle so she can work at NASA, and she learns all about being a normal teen along the way.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 9/10- It might not be the most relatable, but it's still super good.

4. The Society

All the teenagers in a town come back early from a school trip and discover they're the only ones left.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 10/10- The concept is just so intriguing, a modern day Lord of The Flies.

5. Sweet Magnolias

3 lifelong best friends juggle their families, love lives, and careers in a small South Carolina town.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 4/10- I do not understand the hype behind this show. The acting isn't very strong, and I don't feel like a lot happens, but it still has some good parts.

6. Trinkets

(Trigger Warning: addiction) 3 girls from drastically different social circles at school become friends after meeting at Shoplifters Anonymous.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 7/10- I can't remember much, but I know I enjoyed it, and it's a great girl power show.

7. Mr. Iglesias

This show has comedian Gabriel Iglesias as a teacher at an underfunded high school trying to make a difference in his students' lives.

Number of seasons so far: 1 (upcoming season premiered today)

Score: 9/10- Insanely funny and rejuvenates the classic teacher sitcom.

8. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Based on the well-known Archie comic, this show is the life of teen witch, Sabrina Spellman, but it's much darker than the sitcom from the 90s.

Number of seasons so far: 3

Score: 9/10- It's amazing but can get weird fast.

9. Girlboss

This show is based on the real life story of the creator of the fashion brand Nasty Gal.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 7/10- I truly liked this one; it was funny and featured a strong female character who made lots of mistakes.

10. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

After 7 seasons of the original Gilmore Girls, this 4 part mini-series shows us how the town of Stars Hollow is living in 2016.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 4/10- Listen, I just finished the original series, and this doesn't hold a candle to it- feels very stale and awkward.

11. No Good Nick

A teenage girl pretends to be a long lost relative of a family, so she can seek revenge on them for what they did.

Nubmer of seasons so far: 2

Score: 8/10- I love a good family sitcom, and this one's unique premise made it fun to watch.

12. Stranger Things

I think most people know what this one's about- a group of kids in Hawkins, Indiana discover some freaky stuff when their friend goes missing.

Number of seasons so far: 3

Score: 10/10- Obviously, it's a great show; I think the whole world knows that.

13. When They See Us

The real life story of the Central Park Five.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 10/10- Every human being on the planet needs to watch this show. It's so well done and so heartbreaking. My heart still aches for those 5 boys.

14. GLOW

Taking place in the 80s, this show is about the production of the television show Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.

Number of seasons so far: 3

Score: 7/10- A really fun concept and features a strong cast of lots of female characters who are all remarkably different plus some awesome 80s nostalgia.

15. The Politician

(Trigger Warning: suicide) This star-studded production is about one teenage boy's quest to presidency, starting with him winning his high school election.

Number of seasons so far: 1 (upcoming season June 19)

Score: 9/10- This show is so over the top, but I love everything about it.

16. I am Not Okay with This

A teenage girl who already has to deal with a lot, now has newfound superpowers on her plate too.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 5/10- I just felt bored when I watched it if I'm being honest, but the acting was good.

17. On My Block

(Trigger Warning: PTSD) A group of friends struggle to grow up in their inner city of Los Angeles, dealing with everything from family problems to gangs.

Number of seasons so far: 3

Score: 7/10- The character of Jamal carries this show on his back, and it wouldn't be half as good without him.

18. Spinning Out

(Trigger Warning: bipolar disorder) Two sisters, one an up & comer and the other fading out, compete in the cutthroat world of ice skating, while one of them and their mother battles bipolar disorder.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 10/10- This show deserves another season; It's absolutely excellent.

19. Team Kaylie

A teen reality star has to do community service by helping a group of middle schoolers in their wilderness survival club.

Number of seasons so far: 3

Score: 7/10- This might be meant for younger kids, but I still really liked it.

20. Dolly Parton's Heartstrings

Each episode is based on a famous Dolly Parton song.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 6/10- Some episodes were a lot better than others.

21. Sex Education

(Trigger Warning: sexual assault) A UK teen becomes a sex therapist at his school, mirroring his mom's actual profession.

Number of seasons so far: 2

Score: 10/10- Another show that is a must watch, both for the humor and the heart.

22. Gentefied

This gives us a look at the gentrification that many minority-owned businesses face with the story of 3 cousins trying to help save their grandfather's restaurant.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 7/10- It took me a while to get into it, but by the last episode I was fully invested.

23. Green Eggs and Ham

Based on the classic kids book, this series takes us on a wild adventure along with the characters.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 7/10- This was cute, but sometimes it lost my attention.

24. Unbelievable

(Trigger Warning: sexual assault) Two badass detectives piece together numerous cases of rape over years and towns to one person.

Number of Seasons so far: 1

Score: 10/10- Just like the title, everything about this show is unbelievable. It's so good.

25. Insatiable

(Trigger Warning: eating disorders) A teen loses a bunch of weight after getting her jaw wired shut from injury and then dives into the world of beauty pageants and crime.

Number of seasons so far: 2

Score: 4/10- There's a reason this show is so extremely problematic, but hey, it's still pretty funny at times.

26. Fuller House

Much like the original, this series follows a widowed parent with 3 kids inviting her sister and best friend to live with her and help out.

Number of seasons so far: 5

Score: 7/10- The nostalgia alone is a great reason to watch.

27. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Based on the well-known children's book series, it follows a trio of siblings as they try to uncover family secrets and escape from the evil Count Olaf.

Number of seasons so far: 3

Score: 6/10- I was obsessed when I first started watching, but by the last season, I was getting a little bored.

28. Alexa & Katie

(Trigger Warning: anxiety-related disorders) Following two best friends through all 4 years of high school, you see the effects of cancer on a teenager, her family, and her friends.

Number of seasons so far: 4

Score: 10/10- I cannot recommend this show enough.

29. Daybreak

The apocalypse came, but it spared all the young people for some reason, so they now have to survive from each other and the zombie-like monsters the adults have become.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 7/10- A great concept that got weird at times.

30. Locke & Key

When a family moves into their dad's childhood home, they discover keys that can do weird things.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 8/10- It took a while, but this show captured my attention.

31. You

Joe Goldberg gets a little too attached, and his infatuations turn deadly... a lot.

Number of seasons so far: 2

Score: 9/10- There's a reason everyone's obsessed with this show.

32. Merry Happy Whatever

A family spends the holidays with their father, and one of them brings their boyfriend home, trying to win the dad over.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 5/10- It was pretty unmemorable, but it was fun to watch around the holidays.

33. Living With Yourself

A man, unhappy with his life, undergoes a treatment that ends up cloning him.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 4/10- I'm sorry, Paul Rudd. I'm a big fan, but this just wasn't for me.

34. Russian Doll

A woman dies on her birthday and keeps living the day over and over again.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 5/10- Fairly funny but couldn't keep me fully entertained.

35. Never Have I Ever

An Indian-American teen strives to have a great school year, including having sex with the coolest guy in school.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 10/10- Mindy Kaling is a genius, and this show is absolutely everything you'd want it to be.

36. Hollywood

In Post-WWII Hollywood, we get a look at a group of up & comers doing anything to make it big.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 7/10- Listen, it's good, but there's a lot of sex.

37. Outer Banks

In a town significantly divided by wealth, a group of teens discover their own treasure hunt one summer.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 9/10- Compared to the other soapy teen dramas I've watched, this one is top tier.

38. Space Force

This satirical comedy pokes fun at the idea of the real Space Force.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 6/10- Some episodes were seriously lacking, but others I really enjoyed.

39. The Big Show Show

Starring the famous wrestler The Big Show, this series is a family sitcom about his life after retirement.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 8/10- I went into this with low expectations and was actually really impressed.

40. The End of the F***ing World

(Trigger Warning: sexual assault) Two twisted teens sort of run away together and commit some crimes along the way.

Number of seasons so far: 2

Score: 6/10- I liked the second season better than the first but still got bored easily with it.

41. The Order

Instead of normal fraternities and sororities at most colleges, this school's society is full of magic and supernatural powers.

Number of seasons so far: 1 (upcoming season June 18)

Score: 5/10- I can't decide how I feel about this one, but I think it could have been much better.

42. BlackAF

Based on the real life story of Kenya Barris, the creator of Black-ish, this show gives us a look at how his family lives.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 8/10- The first couple episodes didn't hook me, but the last few made me laugh a lot.

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