The Truth About Pit Bulls
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The Truth About Pit Bulls

From a pit bull owner herself.

The Truth About Pit Bulls
Alyssa Stolecki

It is a common misconception that pit bulls are dangerous, untrustworthy dogs. This is one of the most unfortunate stereotypes I have heard because since I've adopted a pit bull, I've gotten to experience the most pure type of love there is.

All dogs love and accept their care takers for who they are, therefore all types of dogs are deserving of equal love and care. Pit bulls should not be thought of as less than any other breed just because of a few negative stories. Through my experience with my pit bull puppy, I'll try to unveil the truth about the breed.

1. Above everything else, they love to cuddle.

Don't be surprised when they jump up onto your bed and get as close as they can to you.

2. They have the cutest smiles.

Isn't that the happiest dog you've ever seen?!

3. They are extremely loyal.

They will sit outside of your door and wait for you to get home. (Who knows what she'll do when I go back to college).

4. They love to attack people with kisses.

This is as aggressive as it gets.

5. They are always seeking adventure.

Whether its dressing up for a special occasion or crawling under spaces where they know they cannot fit, they will certainly be up for it.

6. They love their toys.

If this thing isn't being carried around in her mouth, it's right by her side. Not to mention she has it in three different colors.

7. They are deserving of the greatest affection.

And I am positive that from the moment we adopted her, she started receiving the best love of all. And we're so grateful for the love she gives to us every day!

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