Donald Trump Lied About Time's 'Person Of The Year' Award

Yes, Donald Trump Should Be Time's Person Of The Year, But Not For The Reasons He Wants

Time didn’t contact him, and his tweet was a lie. However, maybe Trump should receive the title again this year.


On November 24 at 2:40 p.m., Donald Trump tweeted, writing that Time wanted to make him Person of the Year as it did last year.

Well, actually, Trump wrote Time wanted to make him “Man (Person) of the Year," despite the fact that the title has been “Person" since 1999.

Then, at 5:27 p.m. that same day, Time tweeted this:

What does this mean? This means that Trump tweeted a blatant lie. Time did not contact him.

It is also worth mentioning that Trump repeatedly has attacked and tried to discredit the media. He is only a fan of journalists when they report nicely about him. Otherwise, they produce “fake news."

What people (including Trump) might not realize is that Time's Person of the Year title isn't always given to the best person of the year. It's given to the person who had the greatest influence, for better or worse, on the events of the year."

It has been given to people ranging from Mahatma Gandhi to Adolf Hitler. Former managing editor of Time magazine Nancy Gibbs wrote a piece commenting on the choice of Trump in 2016, writing: “So which is it this year: Better or worse? The challenge for Donald Trump is how profoundly the country disagrees about the answer."

Based on how sensitive Trump is to criticism, it's my suspicion he might not know that the title could have been given to him in a negative context. In fact, it at least partly was in a negative context, as Gibbs acknowledged that many think it was for better, and many think it was for worse. It's also impossible to not mention last year's Person of the Year cover.

Whether or not the caption “President of the Divided States of America" is blaming Trump for the division extremely apparent in our country, the “M" forming horns over his head is unmistakable. The odds are very, very small that Time did this on accident.

My point is this: Trump might be overestimating the amount of praise that accompanied his “Person of the Year" title last year, but even if he wanted it again this year, he isn't receiving it. Because Time didn't contact him, and his tweet was a lie.

However. Maybe Trump should receive the title again this year, and here's why.

Following the “Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Trump failed to denounce neo-Nazis.

Instead, he said, “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides. On many sides."

He also said, “I think there is blame on both sides. You had a group on one side that was bad. You had a group on the other side that was also very violent."

There are honest-to-goodness Nazis chanting ant-Semitic and racist slogans, and the president of the United States can't denounce them? He can't blame them? This normalizes hatred towards minority groups –– American citizens –– and that is unacceptable.

The alt-right movement has every right to gather, protest and chant, but that does not mean our country's leader should support their beliefs, because they do not align with the values of freedom and equality that the United States is supposed to be based on.

Because even if you aren't supporting bigotry, if you normalize it and minimize the fault, you aren't denouncing it, either. Minorities have as much of a right as every other citizen to feel supported and protected by their president.

Trump has been gradually escalating tensions between the United States and North Korea for months.

He stated in October after a meeting with top military commanders that this was “the calm before the storm," inciting panic amongst many citizens and refusing to elaborate on what the comment meant.

Leaving the American people in confused fear of nuclear war is unacceptable. Trump has been taunting Kim Jong-un for months, and on Nov. 11, he sent out a tweet that had many checking to make sure it was real. It was.

Nov. 28, North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that can hit “anywhere in the world."

Trump has made it his mission to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

After two failed attempts at repealing and replacing Obamacare, the issue of health care has been tacked on to the Republican's tax bill. There was major outcry against repealing the Affordable Care Act, with Republicans such as John McCain even voting against it. But now, instead of trying to create a fair health care plan, the GOP is attempting to force it through attached to another bill, with total disregard for the fact that it would leave 13 million American citizens without health insurance.

On Nov. 27, the White House hosted an event to honor three Navajo code talkers and World War II heroes.

During the event, Trump referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren — not for the first time –– as “Pocahontas." Native American advocacy groups said, “Pocahontas was a historical figure from the 17th Century and using her name in an intentionally disparaging way insults native peoples and degrades their cultures."

It's also important to note that the whole ceremony took place in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson, who was responsible for the Trail of Tears in the 1800s. It would have been difficult to make the event, which was intended to honor these American heroes, any more disrespectful to their culture. If only this was unbelievable.

Puerto Rico endured intense damage after Hurricane Maria hit.

In October, Trump visited survivors to help distribute supplies. Turning a kind act disrespectful, Trump began throwing paper towels into the crowd. Following the destruction, Trump bickered with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz. On Oct. 12, Trump tweeted, blaming Puerto Ricans for the hardships they were facing and questioning whether the United States should continue to help them. Also important to note: Puerto Rico is a US territory.

In June, President Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

In his announcement, he said “weakening efforts to combat global warming and embracing isolationist voices in his White House who argued that the agreement was a pernicious threat to the economy and American sovereignty."

This was a major decision that not only harmed US intentions of working against global warming but also led us to be one of the only countries that refused to work together to save our planet. This decision will have consequences.

At a meeting with NATO leaders at its headquarters in May, Trump pushed Dusko Markovic, Prime Minister of Montenegro, out of the way to stand in the front of the group of leaders.

This doesn't require an explanation as to why it is disrespectful: they teach you not to push people in elementary school.

While French President Emmanuel Macron gave Trump a tour in July, Trump commented — to both Emmanuel Macron and First Lady Brigitte Macron — that Brigitte is “in such good shape… such good physical shape… beautiful."

And no, that is not harmless. This was an inappropriate comment made in an inappropriate setting, and that should not be excused.

President Trump has bragged about sexually assaulting women (we all saw how he normalized sexual assault as harmless “locker room talk"), and that should have been detrimental to his political career as soon as the video was leaked, just like it has been to numerous men in their specific field as of late. I have not forgotten Trump's blatant disrespect — and yes, assault — towards women, and neither should you.

Thinking all the way back to Jan. 27 this year, we will remember when Trump signed his original travel ban.

This executive order indefinitely banned Syrian refugees and temporarily banned people from seven Muslim-majority countries: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.

This decision left people stranded in airports and worse, stranded in unsafe countries. A decision clearly rooted in Islamophobia, this executive order showed reckless disregard for struggling people. It has since been challenged in the Supreme Court.

Trump signed a bill on Apr. 13 that allowed states to withhold federal money from organizations that provide abortions.

This bill targeted Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood provides far more resources to women (and men) than abortions. These include cancer screenings, STD tests, access to birth control, UTI testing, well-rounded sex education, general health care such as diabetes screenings and typical vaccines and more.

It is also worth mentioning that these services are affordable to financially struggling men and women, making this an attack not only on women's rights to their own bodies, but also to poor people's access to health care.

Trump tweeted in July that transgender people would no longer be permitted to serve in the military due to “medical costs and disruption."

Trump tweeted this decision during the White House's American Heroes Week. The decision has since been blocked by two federal judges, but the initial decision was a bigoted, transphobic one. Members of the US military should be honored for their extreme sacrifice and bravery, but instead, Trump dehumanized and disrespected some of the people who put their lives on the line to protect us.

On Nov. 14, a mass shooting occurred in Rancho Tehama, North Carolina, killing four and injuring more.

That night, Trump tweeted out condolences to the victims of the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting. Yes, you're understanding that correctly: there is now a template tweet for mass shootings, and Trump didn't think about it closely enough to remember to change the name. The president of the United States did not have the decency to look over his tweet and address it to the correct grieving — or dead — citizens.

* * *

This is not a complete list of events, and none of these things are good for our country. So maybe Trump should be named Time's Person of the Year. For the worse.

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