Trump vs. Clinton: Who Is The Lesser of Two Evils?

Trump vs. Clinton: Who Is The Lesser of Two Evils?

Political doom is nearing America's future.

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the front-runner candidates of their individual political parties in the 2016 presidential election. Although these two well-known candidates are the front-runners for their party's nomination, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are tremendously unpopular. The opinions of each of these candidates continue to be much more negative than positive. These opinions are based on the candidates' past and present actions. When compared to past major political party presidential candidates at a similar point in the election process, Trump and Clinton's unfavorable ratings continue to be the highest in CBS News/New York Times polls going back to 1984, when the question was first asked.

According to a recent New York Times/CBS poll, practically two-thirds of the registered voters surveyed for the poll answered "No" when they were asked if Trump and Clinton were "honest and trustworthy." The registered voters were asked some specific questions about the two major party's front-runners. More voters have an unfavorable view than favorable view of Donald Trump as well as Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is the only one of the three candidates measured in the poll who is viewed more positively by the voters than negatively. However, unfavorable views of Trump have began to decline from 63 percent to 55 percent now. The voters opinions of Clinton have changed very little. Overall, only a small portion of voters think Trump or Clinton will greatly improve the U.S. image across the world.

Here are the results from the CBS/New York Times poll:


Many voters, especially first time voters, may be having a difficult time choosing who to vote for in this year's presidential election. They have to choose between two people that they may not even want in office to represent them and their country. Many believe that neither Trump nor Clinton represent them and what they want for the United States. If both of the two candidates fail to meet the expectations of many of the American people, who do they vote for?

Both candidates are so unpopular that many people are thinking about not voting at all. However, voting is an important right that everyone should use. Therefore, the question still remains: who do we vote for?

Bernie Sanders is still an option for many young voters and first time voters like myself. Bernie Sanders supporters often spread the word with the use of social media to gain even more support. Others are considering a third party candidate instead. This is due to many people believing that voting for either one of the front-runner candidates is equivalent to voting for the lesser of two evils. If Trump or Clinton wins this years presidential election, the majority of Americans will be unhappy.

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