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If You Don't Want To Be Separated From Your Children, Then Don't Break The Law By Coming Here Illegally

How to solve the crisis at the border.

immigration rally

A few weeks ago the liberal agenda suddenly became advocates of immigrant children separated from their families at the border. Images circulated of these children held in cage-like rooms and being torn from their mothers' arms.

Guess what happened to an American child when their parent breaks the law. They are separated from their families and put into foster care. Guess what happens to an American child when their parent serves our military and leaves for deployment, never knowing if they are returning. They are separated and have little to no communication with their parent for months at a time. Guess what happens to an unborn American child when the mother chooses abortion instead of life. That unborn life is separated forever from its mother and life itself.

Where are the Democrats protesting and marching for them?

I fail to see how keeping children in their own quarters with food and basic human needs to protect them from human trafficking and other dangers that are present in "grown-up jail" is cause for a public uproar. Especially when it has been happening since 1997 under Bill Clinton. Then again under George Bush. And once more under the liberal's knight in shining armor, Barack Obama. Trump is president now, and the people who would rather see Americans fail than Trump succeed are suddenly outraged.

If you do not want your child to be separated from you, then don't break the law. You should have waited to come here legally and we would have gladly welcomed you into our society.

The man you despise so much answered his call to serve his people. According to a FoxNews article, he signed an executive order on Wednesday June 20, 2018, to take a step toward solving this problem that has burdened society. This executive action will keep children with their families for a longer period of time. The 1997 policy introduced by Bill Clinton only allows children to stay with their families for 20 days. Once again President Trump has come to the rescue, but of course, the liberals have something else to say.

Less than 24 hours after President Trump signed the executive action, the liberal media found another way to attack the president. Some are questioning the legitimacy of the order itself because it went around Congress. This is because the Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and other Democrats refused to cooperate with their Republican colleagues to pass a legislative reversal of Trump's instruction to separate children. Schumer said, "At the Republican National Convention, President Trump said about the problems of the nation, 'I alone can fix it.' In the case of family separation, it's actually true. Mr. President, you alone can fix it."

Others are criticizing the president for exposing these children to the dangers that being with their parents and hundreds of other adult strangers in detention facilities pose. Sounds like what Republicans have been trying to tell our liberal friends for a week. Now, to target Trump, their eyes are opened to these dangers.

I guess the only real solution is for the illegal aliens to stay in their own country and to quit breaking American laws.

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