America's Coronavirus Deaths Pass 10,000 After Trump Predicted Eradication In 'Days'
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It's One Month Since Trump Said COVID-19 Would Disappear In 'A Couple Days,' And 10,000 Americans Are Dead

The president believed he was more prepared for the pandemic than he actually was and the proof is in the numbers.

It's One Month Since Trump Said COVID-19 Would Disappear In 'A Couple Days,' And 10,000 Americans Are Dead

One month ago. President Donald Trump said that coronavirus (COVID-19) cases would fall from 15 to zero, assuring Americans that the threat of the looming pandemic would not be as drastic as it has turned into it.

One month later and that prediction has turned on its head. As Ryan Struyk of CNN tweeted on Monday, 10,000 Americans have died from coronavirus. It's frightening to realize the extent to which this pandemic has affected America when just a month ago the president was reassuring Americans that it was not a big deal.

In the clip, Trump applauded himself and his team saying that it was a "pretty good job we've done" saying that they expected the cases to drop from 15 to zero. Now, with more than 10,000 people dead from the pandemic, it is certainly getting out of hand fast.

Trump believed he was more prepared for the pandemic than he actually was and the proof is in the numbers. To predict complete eradication and then see 10,000 lives lost reflects unbelievable nearsightedness.

COVID-19 has caused isolation, quarantine, and disconnect around the world. It has hammered the American economy and resulted in record numbers of unemployment claims. And there is no real clue as to when, or even how, the pandemic will slow down enough for life to go back to some semblance of normal.

We can only hope that President Trump will start to be more honest in his assessment of the pandemic to the American people instead of parading around the hopes of success as a way of bolstering his platform moving in an election year. At the end of the day, we are dealing with something unprecedented with the coronavirus and we desperately need transparency and honesty from our world leaders. And that is something we have not seen with President Trump to date.

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