Why Trump Playing Golf On Memorial Day Is Pure Hypocrisy
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Trump Spending 266 Days Playing Golf Is Another Reason His Presidency Has Been Subpar

Trump criticized Barack Obama for golfing while president, but over the same period of time has actually spent more time golfing than his predecessor.

Trump Spending 266 Days Playing Golf Is Another Reason His Presidency Has Been Subpar

President Donald Trump has historically criticized Barack Obama for golfing while president. However, over the same period of time, Trump has actually spent more time golfing than his predecessor.

This past Memorial Day, Trump took time off to play golf — even though nearly 100,000 Americans have died from coronavirus (COVID-19) and the pandemic has not been quelled.

Trump has also cost taxpayers an exorbitant amount of money on the links according to trumpgolfcount.com.

Former Bill Clinton administration labor secretary Robert Reich puts this money into perspective as 335 years of a presidential salary. And while Donald Trump's net worth is estimated at $2.1 billion, it still doesn't excuse him from doing exactly what he so harshly criticized Obama for doing.

According to fact-checking website Snopes, while there is consensus in many reports that Trump has spent around $100 million in taxpayer money, it's hard to pin the number down to anything as specific as trumpgolfcount.com's claims.

Still, it's worth noting is that in 2015, Trump said that he "would rarely leave the White House" and yet he has currently, according to CNN's count, spent 266 days playing golf.

For Trump to spend his Memorial Day, as president, publicly golfing and neglecting the severity of COVID-19 is both irresponsible and questionable. And to have a history of criticizing one president only to do what he criticized at a higher rate is clear hypocrisy.

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