The Process Of Transferring Colleges, As Told By A Transfer Student

Whether you're a freshman in college or you're finishing up your last year, or maybe you're already in Graduate school, you must remember the process of applying to colleges and how stressful it was. Luckily for me, I decided to go to my local Community College before transferring to a four-year university.

But now, the time has come where I have to start making plans to transfer. As an English major, I have had to do intense research to find the right programs that can offer a place for me to grow and prosper. The transfer process has many steps with it, the first being applying to colleges. This step can be very tricky because various colleges have various application dates that sometimes start early and sometimes start late.

My number-one college's application doesn't even open until January which makes it a little difficult for me to plan properly.

Financial aid is probably the most important aspect of college because if there is no way to pay for college, then it is pointless to even apply to colleges.

Next, finding somewhere to live is important because you have to sleep somewhere right? The idea of transferring is terrifying for many reasons but the main reason, a new city with new people. I'm not the best at meeting new people because I tend to have terrible social anxiety that stops me. So, I've decided to leave it in God's hands for he has a plan and I just need to remember that, everyone needs to remember that.

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